What you think of Flaregames right now after 2.2.0?

I do a poll to know what you think about that update 2.2.0 and what you think about Flaregames?

For me without doubt they don’t listen us and do what they want. More pay to win function,destroy the balance in fight, the War Season is no more fun to play with all the skull perk,etc…

My opinion is that they are a bunch of greedy ass holes. 

i just dont care anymore

Just got the update. Now I’m depressed as fuck

I’d say too late, Uber chests are a big rip-off for sure although you can get unique perks on items that you can’t get in any other method but in this way you break too much the game especially the fact of the skull perk that during wars means a lot because can declare the victory or the defeat of an alliance and we saw in every latest update that the wars are won by only who waste more money and not based no more on the skills of the players  -_-

well, someone did asked for uber chest, many of you demand this and that, now flare shove it all right to your… so… enjoy  ^_^

Uninstall the game!! XD

thank you FG for working hard for windows phones… Now I’m able to watch videos for free boost and can log in from face book… But my hero has gone crazy… It’s not moving like I command… May be its my device issue… But this update is okay for me… I was not happy with the game environment downloading it took half an hour to complete… After its done m satisfied for now… :wub:

Your poll is flawed, all the responses are negative meaning the poll wont be taken seriously…not that a online poll is ever taken seriously anyway but just saying.


If you are going to make a poll I suggest doing it with as little bias as possible to generate better results.



What do you think of 2.2


Love it!

It’s okay.

 It’s Okay but hate Uber chests

Dislike it overall

Hate it revert to 2.1





My opinion didn’t change. When I started playing this game over a year ago, I started because I wanted to have fun and I still am. I knew from the beginning what I was getting into, I was getting into a pay to win type of game. But I didn’t care, and I still don’t. I’m not into RR2 to be in the top 100 player or in some big alliance. I really don’t care. I’m leaving that to the players that are, in some way, financing this game.  I’ve made a lot of friend in my current alliance (Balkan Alliance) from Croatia, Egypt, Brasil, USA, Holland Vietnam, India etc… In our alliance, we don’t care if you pay for gems or not, or if your skull bonus is high or whatever. We play for fun. But that didn’t stop us from getting from a top 250 alliance to a top 100. We have a lot of 24h/7 boost going on and we fight the best we can. 

Will we get to the top 20 ? Nope. Do I care about this ? Nope. It’s a god damn game, that I enjoy and that I got for 0$. Take that Electronic Arts !

When flare said the war system is now ‘better’, they meant better FOR THEM. They view us nothing more than cash milking cows. The uber chests are a new cancer in the game.

Exactly why I didn’t vote. 

i change it :slight_smile:

I have to vote on the first question to anwser the second. Not really working.

i forgot one answer in the fist now its ok the 2 match

If someone vote Keep 2.2.0 and change nothing probably he gonna vote in the second I Love it

If someone vote its too late the game its broken probably he gonna vote in the second I hate it


Same for me.

Love it! Thanks for this. I’m also here just to have fun. This game keeps on evolving and this is great! New features means a new way of playing. Now what? Think of Darwin. Just adapt and keep on having fun.

Liked the update, a lot of apects are better, but they’ve made the randomness of items worse with the Uber chests.

They need to tackle the Skull Perk and give players a way to affect the perking results, otherwise it remains a casino with a decent 3d fighting engine attached.

i want update now

You will have to make a new thread with an updated poll as this one is not gonna work unless they answer both questions.