Whata April fool

444vouchers,2stupid uber items(totally useless),158gems and pearls.If this was your idea for birthday gifts,than you people have messed up big time.

Same from me…Making is fool again and again…We waited for it like a month and now we are getting all those craps … Not a single pal… Even holiday chest were giving pals… It is same as last year’s chest… If there is changes in game…That should make into chests too…

How have you guys opened your Bday chests already? Mine isn’t until 5 hours from now. And then again I think that it is a visual glitch for me. Today’s chest is supposed to be a Legendary Chest and then tomorrow is the Bday Chest. Not sure what’s up here

i have already “collected” mine. haven’t actually collected. lol. most likely a visual bug

Bro in Windows it takes more time to show up…In Indian timing we get new chests on Android right on next days means at 00.01 hrs…But in Windows it becomes available on morning may be around 5 am to 6 am.

I have to say you were lucky. I got 374 pearls, no uber items, only 3-4 uber pearls,one uber gems(88),two legendary gems(42+44) and then only useless rare pearls and items. Very much disappointed. I was expecting atleast some pals and around 300 gems. Anyway I’m thanksful that they didn’t give me food in that. Thanks a lot flare. ?

Je hebt veel?

it was a very disappointing chest. Lucky it was in my 1st 5 days of daily rewards

i can imagine, those who normally would get palchest with pal in, would be furious

Check out this! AWFUL rewards from my Bday chest! Also, I was in a hurry making this video, so slow the video down to half speed. That way you get a close up view of the crappy rewards I get :lol: 


i see that i wasnt the only one lol

To my view you are lucky , igot only 71 gems , 385 voucher & 649 peral . 3 items(2 epic and 1uber) but all are a bit more than useless. By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROYAL REVOLT 2…GOD BLESS YOU ?

People are trying to prove who the more unlucky is…lol :wink:

I usually open a big chest like a pro chest immediately after I found it’s luck to open a small chest (such as found a legendary treat in a free pal chest). So far, all the free chest I opened today shows it will be a tragedy to open the birthday chest next. :lol:

Same here… Just a useless uber and well, the rest as all of you, pearls, vouchers and a couple of epic items… Those who were complaining a few days ago because the birthday chest was going to replace their last pal chest, I’m starting to think that in the end they have good reasons to do it.

PS: By the way, still consider 100 pearls as an uber item… That’s something you should also think about.


104 vouchersand 44 gems… plus one uber item. beat that 

It’s unbelievable but still if it’s true then you are winner among unluckies.



Wow, this is so crappy.

My son has a low account, not even 1000 Trophies.
He opened the B-day chest and got 5 Uberitems! I could not believe my eyes.
They must be favoring new players here.

This is what we got for second birthday:

And at least this was for the last one. Game update was a little delayed then:

Now for fourth not even a birthday message so far.
I wonder if there even will be a fifth Birthday…

I wasn’t indeed a very exciting birthday chest I must say.

I hope there will be another positive surprise, like community event or a birthday festival, otherwise it’s a very sober way to celebrate that this game exists for 4 years now. 

Agree. But a community week should start today then.

Somehow I do not think this is going to be a big surprise day…

What surprise flare can give us : the latest new things flare introduced costed only gems.  They turned into a way it is difficult to come back.

just wondering how much gems the new things will costs,