What're your favorite secondary ability of your item's set?

What’re your favorite secondary ability of your item’s set?

And how much of them?


For me, Gold Boost Ability!

Head: 12.4%

Cape: 6.4%

Ring: 9.5%

Belt: 10.8%

Boots: 8.9%

Nearly 50% Bonus for Gold! (How much is the most gold boost ability, anyway?)


For Weapon and gloves I like Blunt or Normal Attack Boost Ability.

For Body and shoulders I like Fire & Poison proof Ability.

Gold boost and fire shield .

I hv only 25% gold boost yet on three different items. Boots,belt & ring.

Fire shield about 800 for firebolt towers.

Yeah me too. I Love to add Gold booster to speed up my upgrading.


but I rarely see a good item’s set in granny’s market. maybe I should call Granpa markets to. lol

Ha ha

Yeah Granny items are either low powered or high priced .

I only see a decent item once or twice on the granny shop , a month . :stuck_out_tongue:

And the only items that are really good , have to be brought using 200+ gems. So treasure chamber has been the best bet for me until now.

Gold boost items are the only one that retain their value with your king levelling up that are not mask or cape. Whether you are a king < level 50 or one at lvl 70, the gold boost percent will give same results unlike other items where you need to constantly upgrade. For mask and cape the primary one will need upgrade so even if you have a 15% gold boost, they are worthless in a months time.


If you want to spend money in initial game, spend on gold boost.


I used to be full gold boost equipped till now but recently changed a bit. Thanks to dungeon, I got a 13.6% wind boots (Not great but I still love them) and for mask, even though my i have one with 9.6% gold boost, I prefered a new one from dungeon with 600+ leadership boost. The result is a big boost in me winning most of the battles 100% thus triggering fortune chamber also. I am convinced, unless you can clear the base 100% with gold boost on, you are better off using wind and leadership for boots, mask and cape.


I just got a nice fire shiled with suit from dungeon and till now my best suit was with a normal shield. The increase in health was more than 900 from my previous fireshield one so I used the normal one for 3 weeks till today. I am not sure if the normal shield has any protection from arblasters as they are the ones I fear most other than gorgoyles and Snake towers. Between your suit and pauldrons, one should be high fire shield and other poison shield.


For Glove and Sword, like sn1kt mentioned in one of his youtube videos, I prefer frost or blunt. I currently have a frost one. very helpful with barricade and skull tower when i dont have my spell recovered yet.

i use full leadership it ups my dps over all to be alot higher and mass frosters are a thing of beauty :slight_smile:

my unit are archers,pyros,forsters :slight_smile:

I like to use fireshield and firedamage items… My fireshield is about 2000 if I use 4 fireshielf items, but I also like to use 1000 poison shield and 1300 fire shield at the same time.

My fire damage is about 150, and I also use poison, blunt or ice damage sometimes. Other equipments have bonuses for gold and leadership points :slight_smile:

at lower levels firedamage is great but id suggest moveing towards some more ice dmg. most people seem  to like one blunt and one ice but i use both ice. if your lower in the ranks its not a big deal yet but just keep it in mind :slight_smile:

Leadership points seem best to me.

on crown and cape, i like leadership boosts, on armor and pauldrons i like fire and ice shield, on sword and gloves i like fire or poison boosts and on ring, boots and belts i like coin boosts.

My fav otem is blunt damage , gold booster just that no more

just for info my max hold booster gold itemsmearly 50% all 46.2% except glove and weapon dont use gold booster

I requote my gold booster 47.8%. From head 9.8 then my cape 14.4 my ring 12.9 and belt 10.8 . Just found cape but added 1% only so not yet 50% gold booster

I just bought Grandma’s sell 8.9 Gold Boost Ring last week, and yesterday Grandma’s sell 12.8 Gold Boost Ring. But I haven’t any gems anymore. Why???

There is price there is quality bro… My cape gold booster 14.4 but yesterday grandma sell 15.1 for 654 gold… I didn buy it, spread so small and added leadership about 260 only

Win diamond league and dungeon reaaly helpful get gems bro. Also tricks when entering diamond league is a key to win diamon league beside that u masu maximum ur house to produce food

I mean, why just sell better quality item when already sold the weaker one.

Gold Boost Items

Crown -   7.5%

Cape   - 13.0%

Ring    - 13.8%

Belt     -   9.6%

Boots  - 10.9%

Total   -  54.8%


I use Wind boot instead of Gold all the time now. (20.5%) I have to admit, I neglected wind boots for a long time. Its better to finish the base 100% than have a 10% extra with a 75% raid.


I Was wondering what is the max percentage people have seen for Gold boost and Wind boost?


I see 15.1 mentioned above in this thread. So if some one has all 5 at that level its a whopping 75.5%. I guess the top players can let us know their priced possesions stats.

Look at this post on the old forums.  HSMK posts screenshots of his inventory.  It is pretty rediculous.

That is a while ago when he was level 100. I believe he is now lvl 120. But from that old post, max GoldBoost I saw 16.8% and Wind boots 29.6%. Any one else has better stats for these two now?