What're your favorite secondary ability of your item's set?

I guess it depends on which level you are…if you have to fight against skull towers and werewolves, undoubtedly ice damage is better, otherwise blunt is good…surely the best would be own both of them!  :slight_smile:

I agree, I have ice sword and blunt gloves

I keep one of each around.  I also try to have a backup weapon and glove with the opposite damage in case I get an massive upgrade opportunity for the other piece.


If I have to pick only one though, I would go for ice.  The ability to slow your target is too important to give up.

+1 :wink:


Yep, pretty much the same here, I once spent about two weeks raiding without the ice damage after I sold slightly weaker frost gloves and couldn’t find a stronger frost sword. I really missed slowing down ogres, mummies and skull towers.


They are also a good banking tool

Let me tell you ,


Just saying this out of my experience  :slight_smile:


  1. Sword - Blunt

  2. Gauntlet - Ice

  3. Helmet - Fire/poison

  4. Cape - Leadership

  5. Armor - Fire/Poison

  6. Pauldrons - Poison

  7. Ring - Leadership

  8. Belt - Leadership

  9. Boots - Speed Boost


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Agreed. I’d say it’s also quite useful to have a leadership helmet

Agreed for both. Sword with one, gloves with the other for blunt and ice. You can freeze an Ogre or slow down the gate attack with the ice one, while soften their bones with the blunt one.

Really?? I found leadership boost quite helpful so far…

Yes, explain me how because I fail to understand that. I know you can summon your troops more often but for me its more important to protect king. King should be the strongest.


Fire/Poison shield directly adds to his strength.

Scream helps him to run faster(ignoring frost effect) and get his troops for his help too plus @JONA said attack speed is increased though damage is not.

With Leadership only if you are using mummy a lot for your attack then I can see mummy helping you by shielding and giving some breather with its stun. Its still not same as the king.

After latest facts, I have to agree with emperorV and desihero  :slight_smile:

Hmm… I can see a point in reducing hero scream cooldown time, as well as in shields… though, when raiding with monsters (mainly ogre or mummies) the extra leadership can be really helpful!

Also, a well-timed hero scream can be more effective than 2 hero screams at the wrong time (or just not any particularly good time), similar to a spell… so a shorter cooldown helps, but only if it’s a lot shorter or otherwise it might just be wasted time.


Though, I guess as you lvl up your hero further and further, the leadership boost gets less important due to a higher base leadership of hero and items. At lvl 40-70 I found it by far more helpful than now…

I still dont have an answer as to why people are preferring Leadership over shields/scream?


I am sure lot of you are Leadership fans so please enlighten me.

Probably because the thought is: more leadership more troops. Max level troops die soon: FB towers can kill cannons before they shot, poison can kill arbs and archers in 0,3 nanoseconds, frosters are killed more or less with the same speed…and so on. My way of thinking is: if I have more troops, even if they die, I have a lot of reserves…yeah, you have heal, i know, but…


Second reason: my problem with medium-high level paths is that my troops stay 40-50 seconds every turn because fighting opposite troops/barricades/towers and I am often by myself on the way…if I am successful to “call” my troops so that they follow me, I’m happy…and I can get good paths!! So that if I double the opposite troops, they should kill they sooner and follow me… :slight_smile:

E.g. for expensive units you want to have a few around, as a single unit is always “weak” alone, and that costs a lot of morale points. For cheaper units, it doesn’t matter as much, because beyond a certain group size, additional units don’t really matter due to range limitations and units blocking each other. And using additional troops as meat shields (e.g. mummies against arblasters) seems more effective to me than increased shield.

Also, consider e.g. gargoyles - more morale equals higher spawn frequency equals more blunt bombs equals more damage. Just imagine a pure gargoyle spam - definitely more effective with more morale! :wink:


Moreover, I agree that Bolz1’s arguments seem valid, too.


Furthermore, imagine a base with some more path overlap than just a single chokepoint (especially, but not only, with a lot of monsters in the waves). By bringing appropriate (ranged) counter units, you can decimate the waves quite drastically if you have a lot of raiding troops, thus your hero can focus more on the towers and gets less distraction and damage etc by the wave troops.

If, in contrast, you have not many raiding troops, the wave troops + towers will outnumber and decimate your raiding troops even further, leaving your hero without support, plus the wave troops are still alive when you encounter them with your hero.

Don’t forget that two armies of different size/strength won’t just equally get weaker/less when fighting against each other!

Rather the in-the-beginning stronger army has higher DPS, dealing more DPS to the weaker army than the weaker army does to the stronger one. This can increase the difference in terms of strength (both absolutely and relatively) quite fast and thus lower leadership/morale won’t just “add” but rather “multiply”. Just as an example: 1 arblaster vs. 2 arblasters – Battle – 0 arblaster vs. 2 arblasters (one of them 50% injured). In other words, the weaker army lost 100%, while the stronger army lost only 25% health and 0% attack strength. In comparison, following the (wrong) assumption of equal weakening on both sides, one of the 2 arblasters would have died, leaving the stronger army with 50% losses in terms of hp and attack strength.

The difference gets even greater when reinforcements (+1 arblaster for each army) arrive after the first round of battle: 2nd round is then 1 arblaster vs. 3 arblasters (one 50% injured) – Battle – 0 arblasters vs. 3 arblasters (one 83% OR one 50% and one 33% injured). 100% loss for weaker army in 2nd round again, for stronger army 13% health loss and 0% attack strength loss. 

Of course, a lot of factors (troop types, levels, range limits, towers, spells, AoE effects, movement) make the “real” situation a lot more complicated in terms of calculating exact results, but basically the minimalistic example above already shows how the initial imbalance tendentially grows over time.


And last but not least from my personal experience I just often fail bases with full gold boost that I can easily win with morale boost gear. So after all it seems to make a very considerable difference in practice, at least for me! However, switching e.g. from leadership helmet to shield helmet doesn’t really give me much of a (noticeable) difference in terms of protection, so I guess leadership is more effective there. Also, scream boost is useful against frosters now, but a little boost there may (depending on base) be relatively worthless.



Having said all that, please also note that the question “leadership or shield or scream boost” doesn’t actually exist for every item!

Some item types can just have one or two of those stats, hence actually it’s not a global question but should be differentiated. Helmets can have all three of these stat types, but armor/shoulder piece have shield as the only option, while capes may only have scream boost or leadership, same as ring and belt. Boots can have each of those, but are generally “reserved” for speed boost usually.

So, basically you have some shield bonus no matter what you prefer, and you can’t have shield on every item with potential leadership or scream boost, hence the possible variation regarding shield is actually limited to the helmet. 

For leadership vs scream, which is comparable much better in terms of items, the question is basically “more troops, or slightly faster troops + hero from higher scream frequency”.

And the answer to that may depend on your current gear, raiding style, troop combination and the current enemy base. For area-damage-heavy bases, higher speed might be better, for single-target-damage-heavy bases, more troops might be better.



#Edit: Merged the topics “What’re your favorite secondary ability of your item’s set?” and “Blunt or Ice - which one is better” together. Basically the exact same topic, so no reason to have two topics with identical discussions. Call me over-motivated but I think it makes sense in that case.

I for now prefer scream boost instead of leadership since I think I’ve got enough leadership already (7.2k with no boost)

My current gear:

  1. Sword - fire damage

  2. Gauntlet - Ice damage

  3. Helmet - 2500 fire protection

  4. Cape - Leadership +750

  5. Armor - 2000 fire protection

  6. Pauldrons - 2000 Poison protection

  7. Ring - Leadership +600

  8. Belt - +15% gold boost

  9. Boots - 20% Speed Boost


ice and fire damage on sword/gauntlets is super important as it both slows and sets fire to troops/towers.

I used to have more gold boost, but now with alliances, it doesn’t matter as much anymore.