whats better in defense Phoebe lvl3 or primal howl lvl10?


Nice decision to have to make!!!

Do it like 99,9% of all other Players and use Pheobe.

in vain you laugh at her.

Many players are afraid of it and if they left without troops, they get defeated.

the wolf can be killed solo with insta, with Pheobe. it will not work


in the end, the game will not let you jump above your trophy limit

I’d say depends on a lot of factors like the defense and wave setup. Phoebe needs support from wolves, but if you have a strong howl then you can replace many wolves with other troops for more damage and have the battlecry come from the beast, giving it healing from nearby/battlecry towers and monk timing. Both can be very strong contenders when done and planned correctly. Though it’s funny we’re already having yet another conversation about how overused Phoebe is, and yet another reason why she is. That’s fine though. Everything’s fine here Flare. Nothing to see here.

for me Phoebe more easy to kill even on lvl 3…

Yeah, high level Primal Howl’s are tough. I’d still stick with Phoebe, although, it really depends on your trophy level too

is phoebe can be max to 10 lvl in defense? 

I would chose lvl 10 Howl for sure, or even a lvl 7-8 Howl.

Phoebe is not that great, even at level 3.

Howl isn’t a good defensive beast, but besides that point, of course Phoebe is better.

Wolf can be a very dangerous beast as well, but you have to build your defense in such a way that it spawns at a particular moment and collides with your enemy surrounded by 10 towers and spike traps - then it is extremely scary, because your units will most likely get obliterated in seconds with every single tower attacking much faster from Wolf’s attack speed ability.

Howl is just lame and weak, and the defensive pal levels don’t mean anything. Just look at the HP difference between Pal and Howl. One should logically surmize that a lvl 10 Howl should be automatically better than a lvl 3 Phoebe, but it is not - it is just the opposite, due to how overpowered Phoebe is and how short its special ability cooldowns are (Howl’s are far longer).

The levels give beasts too little bonuses in practically all areas. There is no difference between a lvl 1 defensive beast and a lvl 5 beast. There’s also practically no difference between lvl 3 and 10 - levels don’t make the beast more difficult to kill. Its your Hero level that matters when it comes to their stats, which is completely backwards to how it should be. Yes, Hero’s level should influence the beasts, without a doubt, but a far greater importance should be emphasized just on the beast’s level itself, which just isn’t the case right now.

Flare has always had massive balancing problems.

What? Howl is the best beast.

I think you’re confusing it with Growl.