what's better to buy??

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  1. Horkos’ Virus [zombie]
    Makes an enemy become an allie. Reduces the enemy waves while increasing your army. Permanent help during the raid, no bad sides. It’s my #1 choice.

  2. Horkos’ Dominance [intimidate]
    Decreases movement and attack speed of the enemy and makes them take additional damage. Temporary help, no bad sides.

  3. Horkos’ Curse [translocation]
    Teleport enemies back to the gate. Temporary help. Bad side: might be good to see the enemy disappearing on that moment but you’ll just be creating bigger waves later on (which also makes it possible to kill more enemies with less damage, cause there will be more of them in the range of your spells, so depends on point of view). Useless effect once you reach the gate area.

  4. Horkos’ Trap [petrify]
    I suppose it’s single target effect. If so, it will petrify one enemy and just make the rest of the wave shoot at that target and release it right away. Temporary help. Bad side: the effect can be canceled immediately if the petrified units receive enough damage (and they always do), which makes the effect useless most of the time.

Just sharing my point of view about the items. I hope it helps.

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horkos virus looks awesome. maybe i will have enough crystals by the time black magic is maxed.

6.1-6.3% skull bonus is enough to buy and scrap translocation. or keep for constant source of irritation and confusion. just depends if you are a scab picker or scab ripper.

petrified bodies have cool features such as pushing as a shield or to instantly attract tower or enemy unit attention that would have wiped out cannons or other important unit.has garbage right perk

intimidate? sounds ok, but again a garbage right perk.

  1. Horkos’ Virus [zombie] - Any intel on how many morale troops it will convert?

You have ~23% of chance to convert any unit you hit. Even high morale units, like ogre, necromancer and wolfs

I agree with Darkerion. Horkos’ Virus is the best

thank you for your advices, I think I will take hokos virus.