What's Conquest's Cool Down for a 1 Grass Tile Move?

In the Conquest, if I move just 1 Grass Tile to another Grass Tile.  Does that only cost me a 25 minute cool down?  It would make sense.

And before you judge me for making a 1 tile move, read my post:


Never mind the answer is yes-ish.

Actually when you click any tile it actually tells you the cool down penalty before you click the check mark. 

I hadn’t noticed that before.

How do you claim the ‘special tiles’ like the ancient ruin?

build a tower next to it. A level 1 tower will claim everything in a 1-tile radius from it.


@ElvishalfElven and now your enemies who also come to the forum will know you have spotted one.

5 actually.  Library,  3 Quarries, and a village.