What's happening?

A person who is not a member of an alliance have a pal. Do you think? I got a screenshot today.

Old visual bug

After i left my alliance and checked my base i faced that but not always . So , it’s a bug.?

Nothing is happening

Just a bug. No alliance, no beast.

Yep, I think this occurs when I player has recently left an alliance…I may be wrong, but this always seemed to be the case when I would attack friends that were dropping trophies

This is just a bug on the symbol visualization, which of course shouldn’t be there.

Flare has probably implemented this in an “asynchronous” way, so it may take some time to synchronize the player base layout information.

Yeah, just a few days, probably only 1 or 2

I am seeing this person from many days. He never joined an alliance.

when you attack, you will not find a beast! Is not this the main thing?

Then, some players who may not know about the game much may think that there is a beast and it will be hard to attack. It should not even show there.

Hey, a day after. Still it is the same.

We have already added it’s just a visual bug…flare should wipe out.


But for now as it is showing in some players bases and u r saying players will have a hard time to decide wheather to attack him or not…yeah that is indeed very tough? just attack him and try to get 100% or just tap new player for some gold…easy peasy

It’s a bug , nothing else. ???


Talked about this several months ago. Just shows the mindset of Flare JDGAF about fixing simple things in game to make it better. ? Flare number 1.

They didn’t even fix the dragons colors yet

#lazyflaregames #failgames 

Why are you so shocked? It’s a bug, just like the one in this topic and all the others in the Bugs and Problems sub-forum. I completely agree that it’s frustrating, but we’ve known for 2 months that all the bug fixes will come out with the 4.0 update at the end of July, so why waste time complaining that they haven’t fixed a bug yet when they told us when all of them would be fixed?

They don’t wait to take our money so why should we? 

Spending money on the game has nothing to do with the update. There are very rarely any bugs that go down with payments and none that I’ve seen recently. What are you trying to say in your comment? That flare should not allow us to pay money for gems? That’s ridiculous, flare doesn’t decide when players pay, only the players that pay do