Whats Max lvl and territory size of Watchtowers?

Topic title says enough. Thats important considering they must be placed in positions that let their territories fit one another, right? 

But how do we know where exactly to place them if we dont know the size which one can reach?


lvl 1 has 1 radius of territory

lvl 2 has 2

lvl 3 has 3


But here’s the problem: a lvl 2 watchtower costs 15.000 stone and lvl3 costs 33.750 stone.

The costs are crazy high.

A lvl 7 stone deposit can only hold 25k stone, so it’s only able to build a lvl2 watchtower.

Maybe a lvl8 stone deposit can hold enough stone to build a lvl3 watchtower, who knows.

yeah the radius was kinda obvious, shouldve figured it out.

so lvl 3 is max for watchtower?

also does the cost change in different ocasions? cause im pretty sure the cost i saw for a lvl2 this morning wasnt 15.000, guess it was 12k or 13k





edit: this is for a lvl80 alliance, in the top Conquest tier (250+) and lvl 7 Alliance Headquarters.


I don’t know what the max level is. I hope lvl 3 is the max, because 33k stone is already too expensive and if there is a lvl4, then that means that there are also a lot more than 8 lvls of stone deposits, which would be insane.


The cost does change depending on what technologies you research. There’s a -10% cost technology so that might be why you saw a lower cost.



The cost depend to more than that. I think something like alliance headquarters level, tiers, alliance level, total members, etc affect the cost. In my alliance, level 1 only need 750 stone, level 2 only 3k stone, and level 3 around 7k stone.

For level, I think level 3 is max because if not then there will be exploitation in the event.

Still need some clear explanation regarding this. @Madlen

Those costs are crazy. At start of release 4, we had close to 500M alliance gold. We were able to upgrade our headquarters to level 6 (mistake) and also some of our other stronghold buildings. It would have been handy if this info of costs would have been given to us, before conquest. Now we started building watchtowers a little bit further away than a special tile, since we were thinking we could upgrade a watchtower to level 2. Level 1 cost was 3750, so we thought it would not be multiplied by 4 (meaning our building can’t hold that much stone!) but by a factor 2. 

So it’s surprise after surprise (in a negative way, falling all in wrong way for us). Now we are upgrading stronghold stone depot to be able to build a level 2 watchtower (once again a lot of alliance gold, 44M down the drain!). So now it’s waiting for that building to be upgraded and members to donate enough stone.  I honestly think it’s better to build more level one watchtowers first. 

That is VERY interesting. 

It is much more effective (cost-territory wise) to build 4 lvl1 towers instead of upgrading a lvl1 to lvl2.

The lvl2 watchtower is so expensive that I think Flare is going to tweak it’s cost for the next Conquest event.

It’s only really worth it in the center of the map, maybe. Other than that it’s just too expensive.

Thanks for sharing. We did upgrade stone depot to be able to upgrade, but indeed, better build 4 level 1 buildings. In terms of stone it doesn’t matter, but 4 watchtowers can supply troops faster, unless a level 2 building holds 5 times more troops. Still 4 level one buildings give members more options where to get troops.

Only in terms to being close to opponent and claim their land it could be worth it. Some terrain is that well guarded, that going in offense is just asking for trouble.

True, they can supply more troops (4x125 > 250).

However, the cooldown is so big (I’ve seen up to 11h30min so far) that makes this a very ineffective process. It’s faster to just run back to your Fortress, get the troops there and go back out.

Another thing Flare is going to tweak in the future.

That definitely is true, but that only works when you claim enough territory, so that you can move faster. So we assigned other tasks, great fighters go to reload when danger is gone and reload 125 troops. Then they go back to the front. 

Since most teams just start to learn and players make horrible mistakes, it’s manageable. 

another mode which after a few times will go to the past. ONE PERSON CAN WIN A CUSTOMER’S BUILDING - TZN ACHIEVE ALL AWARDS.
How to do it?
Just distribute the towers in your quarter of the map.
the situation in my alliance is 4 workers. we have 8 days. Within 8 days you can build 6 towers with one worker. 6 towers * 4 workers have 24 towers * 7 half (if without stones and water) That gives us the result of 168 points !!! (we need 125) AND ADD TO THIS SPECIAL FIELD.
Players only have to deposit stones and the leader must place towers.

enjoy. - without fights, and you can collect everything.

Hi folks, the maximum size of watchtowers is currently 4 :slight_smile:

What? So how much the price of stone you need to build it?? In my alliance, level 3 have price of 7k 6.5k stone meanwhile the stone storage is only 7.6k.

Is there anyone who can build their tower up to level 4 in this conquest? We can’t even build to level 3 because we have to deal with 3 alliance that coming to us ?.