What's Next?

Just for fun - if you had to pick one thing what would be the most important to you?

Its too hard… im going 2: world chat & alliance wars :slight_smile:

We need all!! 




I would like to see Trials instance, like u pick a team of 3-4  of your heroes and see how far u can get.

limit on revives/invocations and some other rules as needed. With its own leaderboard.


Some kind off building where we can train heroes.


I take back my war vote… it will just cost more gems


Dunno how they will implement wars, but I agree and think gems will be a part of it in one way or another

did a dev/mod comment on how wars will be laid out?

voted for alliance war, certainly gemmed cost but anyway, this is the next big feature that Im waiting for !

Vote for alliance war, if blessing is deactivated.  Otherwise, it’s only the war between several biggest alliance with ~lv 100 players. 

I would like PROPER SERVER.

it has been 2 days since i can’t log in…

Can’t etablish connection the game said but i can play other games without any problem even pokemon Go.


Fix that one server


If you encounter any issue with the game, please get in touch with the customer support team here.

Some interesting suggestions here, some are quite familiar to me, as I saw them in one other game I will not name :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe a 200 gem login fee 

Careful, if another person says that itll be threes the charm…