What's next?

Monster and dungeon update is now ~1 month old, balancing here and there.


What’s on the menu :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Lilly but, no more updates please, lets just get what we have working properly, there are still a number of balancing/stripping issues that need to be addressed.

Oh I do hope there will be a lot of updates :grinning:


Beside I’m asking for something like a roadmap or a glimpse on future content, not demanding a bunch of new features and that tomorrow :wink:

I thin l next will be guild update ? Although I agree with drum about the balancing needed , I’m not sure Flare would get it fixed entirely :\

Yes totally agree. Would love to know what flare are up too. Whether it’s RR3 or they’re sticking with this game for 6-12 months. Hopefully they release something before Christmas.


But the mayor change that HAS  to come is the PFV business model. I would love it if I could compete. Maybe separate leaderboards for different type of players or people using other devices.


Maybe they have different games in the works. They don’t advertise well or create hype around anything they do.


When you get the ball, your  you’re supposed to run with it, not drop it and fumble it.

I would like to see them adjust the game where we can play with out internet connection.

It took them forever to release “the biggest update” it’s only been a month. Don’t expect too much

Game will be more prone to hacking

It wouldn’t have to be prone to hacking if the “offline” mode they added had nothing to do with gems/real money or levelling up our current kingdom. This is where they can become really creative without the restraints of game balancing because of multiplayer. But I don’t think this will be high on the agenda.  

Next update should be Guild system.

That wouldn’t be the same game. If you want a offline mode play rr1

Not sure but I don’t think an offline mod would be not much use?

  • Offline you can’t progress in the game - such as completing dungeons, buying new hero items or starting upgrades (as that has to be synched with the server, to prevent hacking etc).

  • Offline you can’t attack other players (obviously).

  • Offline you can’t interact/chat with other players (once the guild update comes out).


So what would you like to do in an offline mode? Test your own base all the time? Get randomly-generated fictional bases to attack without any reward?

I can’t speak for other, but I usually test my own base mainly when I change it (which needs to be synched) or for trying out a certain troop combination before attacking some other base with that, and I spend enough time with RR2 just for the “regular” online battles against other players, so I really don’t need an endless series of random-battles just for the sake of it.


And If you just want an offline singleplayer campaign of conquering castles - it’s already there: RR1, just as Kipps said.

I don’t think anyone in this thread has ever stated they wanted an offline mode. The anonymous guy wanted to play the same game offline and that’s never going to happen. 

Or then i think the next update should be Clans and also chat box. But that’s just me.