What's NeXT ?????

rr2 is upgrading near about all things.

This topic is about what further they are going to do.

I think they also introduce an elite of gargoyles as all other troops are now elited.

They should increase the blunt and health of gargoyles or can throw a bomb which do blunt and ice damage .

It will slow down the enemy and then make raiders a very tough to raid.


Then can introduce an elite with which each elited gargoyle divide into two gargoyles which have same health and blunt damaged

They must increase the speed of gargoyles.

And the very very very very very important thing is that they must make dungeons easier as they are too difficult to complete .

They can introduce an elite which increase the health, damage and range of our tent when attacking on other castles.

It will be excellent !!!

Or maybe make a full-thread with a list of your suggestion instead of create topic of topic ? lol

However why suggest something about a gargoyle boost, when they have already created an elite for it? The skill of this elite gargoyle boost is to spawn near the king like when you spawn a mummy. I suggest to wait to have it before make some complain on gargoyle. However about what you said:



Let’s wait and see how much they can be useful before suggest what change before not having even tested.


Not all troops need to be used in every gameplay levels (low,mid, high). Gargoyles can be used until 4k trophies in my opinion, then they lose effectiveness because of different DPS during raids between your troops offensive and defensive troops. About Gargoyle boost even if we don’t have them, i think they can be a real cool troop to use again in offense since they can help you maybe in difficulties situation without waiting that they reach you from tent.