what's that? what? that. Where? here.

Can anybody tell me me what in a kings name is this ???

I just opened my game after windows pc update fix and i am greeted with this abomination !!!

I’ve been getting them for the last week or so prior to the Elite update, I am assuming its flare testing.

Congratulations: you’ve been chosen as a tester base!

But seriously: it’s a 1.6.0 glitch that so far has no impact on anything other than cluttering your Attack history.

 I want my Gems Back then He…he… LOL  :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a attack with full elite boost at your base and i want your gems back but only from last attack :wink:

yeah it sure makes u Wish u had one half of that GEMS.----- My Precious----  :stuck_out_tongue: