What's the 1st crown formula again?

What triggers the 1st crown and beast? And why on some bases it’s earlier than on others (testing and discussions in my team seems to prove the crown hits at around 60% of base destroyed, but seemingly sooner if there’s fewer towers)? Is there even a method to this madness or are we throwing random at the wall again?

Very good question. Have the same

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The wiki doesn’t work on my device. Next.

If I read the wiki correctly (and I’m paraphrasing): you’ll get the 1st chest when you pass the first third of the board (33%)- I’m going to assume they mean 1/3 of the towers, obstacles, etc as it does seem to change from castle to castle.  That’s when the beast comes out. The 2nd checkpoint is 2/3 of the way through (66%), then 100% obviously when you knock everything + the gate down.

That doesn’t match my observations (at least for my base, results seem to vary from player to player). My beast/1st crown appears past more than half path and after about 10-12 towers out of 21 (plus several obstacles and jesters but they don’t probably count) so that is quite past the alleged ⅓. So they either mean something else for “⅓ of stuff” or that isn’t the correct formula. Maybe it’s more like “½ of towers” because towers seem to affect the calculation the most, I dunno. They definetly matter for the second crown somehow (it’s either “reach gate area” or “kill towers up to 1-2 before then”).

Would’ve been best if flare just up and said how this works instead of us having to reverse engineer everything (lookin’ at you, Madlen) but I guess that’d be too easy.

Hi guys, I felt looked at (looking at you @JiggleFizziks :grinning:

The first crone comes after you have destroyed about 30% of the base. When that 30% is reached, depends on the number of towers.

The first beast always spawns with the first crown. That happens at the same time.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

It does help, actually. The “depends on number of towers” is what I suspected as it seems to happen sooner on bases with fewer towers. I guess that brings some clarity. Was that so hard, devs? :grinning:

Cheers. Have a pleasant weekend. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind getting the first crown is not always happening on the same spot on the same base.

Depending on your combo, you might take out more towers at a choke point in advance compared to other raids. And triggering jesterboxes also determines the amount of destroyed towers/traps on the base.