What's the best DEFENSE against Arblasters?

We’ve been talking a lot about which spells, units, etc, are good at taking out waves of Arblasters, but I have to wonder… How do you /defend/, against raiders that have Arblasters?

My findings:

So far all I’ve found is that Firebolt trap towers work better than any of my other strategies. Although most Firebolts fall quickly to Arblasters because:

  1. The Arblasters come in hordes

  2. The slow effect

  3. The Firebolts attack multiple targets. Ergo, once/if an Arblaster is killed, it just heals the rest, and that damage goes to waste.

But Firebolt trap towers are a little different. Their range is limited so that they can only attack Arbs on the periphery of the group. In attacking only one unit at a time, only /being/ attacked by one unit at a time, and not being slowed as much/as quickly, the Firebolt Trap towers seem to manage to take down quite a few arbs before they themselves are taken down. Because of this, a long string of trap Firebolts seems to pick off a few arbs with each tower, until there are very few arbs left. Are there any better tower placement strategies?

As far as units go, all I know is that hordes of paladins can stall them. But stalling strategies don’t well with the Firebolt trap strategy, because then the Arblasters bunch together at the paladins, whilst the Firebolts aren’t getting to do any damage, and then the resulting Arb horde overwhelms the Firebolts.

Another interesting thing I’ve found, is that Arblasters are likely to ignore Bomb Towers. They seem to go after Skull Towers immediately, but ignore bomb towers until they’re in the same lane. I think this is because their attentions are drawn to whatever’s dealing to them, and skull towers are much quicker to start dishing out damage.

I’m also curious to know how Poison Arrow Towers and Ranged bombers fair against the Arblasters. I know that Range Bombers can act as trap towers from 2 tiles away without any repercussions, which may help assist the Firebolts.

Thoughts? Strategies?

I think it is better to build up good waves against arbs than trust in Firebolt towers. Buffed Mortars with few Arbs works perfect in defence against attacking arbs. Otherwise your Firebolt towers are best option I think, because Skull tower has same range and can be slow down from their new effect (maybe the bombs are strong enough to hit whole group of arbs).

And best option seems to be range Bomb towers.

New finding: It turns out that a maxed Gargoyle can kill a Lv.6 Blaster in one strike. Can anyone confirm that they’re able to kill maxed arbs as well? If so, I think they’ll go great with the Firebolt strategy. The arbs will be like sitting ducks while they try to attack the Firebolts. I suggest, to all mid-range players, adding just one Gargoyle in each wave (:

its already been discussed how useless gargoyles have become since the introduction of elite arblasters. the extra ice damage annihilates them


im gonna have to put a second point on the mortars. but storm cannon clusters can chew threw almost anything

@Kenny: My Arblasters have never been able to kill a Gargoyle, except with a huge horde. One gargoyle may be useless, but a small cluster of Gargoyles can’t be chewed through by a small cluster of arbs.

oh. I guess its cuz my arblaster is level 6

Oh wow. I thought mine was too, but mine’s only Lv.4 xD

Maybe 2 Gargoyles are necessary? ^.^’ Either way, you can’t deny the logic of having high, instant damage.

I was talking about a whole wave of gargoyles.


they cant hit your army cluster. they can only hit your reinforcements

The only strategy I found really effective for me is to use Swordrain…kill all arbs in one shot without giving them the time to heal their self…the second place are the mummies: they get a lot of damages to arbs and when die u have 10 knights that end up the job…with other combos u waste a lot of time… (and indeed I’m speaking about my way to play and my level king/troops/spells/etc.)

You know, this topic is about how to build your defense to be effective against attacking frost arbs… the defender doesn’t have swordrain at his disposal! :wink:


One other thing that might be worth a try is experimenting with different amounts and placement of path overlap. As arbs are effective at dealing across-path-overlap damage, but also tend to get stuck at such sections (shooting opponents) instead of moving forward further, path overlap somewhat impacts the performance of the arbs. 

That’s why I try to include one mortar in every wave. Typically things just get into a p*ssinf match between my Frost Blasters and theirs, then BOOM! Mortar shell. BOOM! Mortar shell. So while my arbs are distracting theirs, my Mortars are bombing the heck out of them (:< Plus the elite mummies I have in the opening waves don’t do too badly either.