What's the best pro-set?


Ha this time a question that’s for the sole purpose of my personal gameplay :wink:

What is the best pro-set in the shop and why do you think so?

Maybe I should say how I like to play the game … so with a focus on that to pick the pro-set. I always focus on destroying towers first, I usually use the heal scroll, blade storm and ultrasound. I like to play save :wink:

And I am on level 60.

In my opinion, the Omega Set is the best base set. Some items you don't need like the ring, shoes ... and some attibute can you change like you need. In sum the base set ...


You should level up your account first, since at your level items tend to go obsolete fast, so at your level I would not worry about which pro set is best.

When you buy items now at hero level 60, they will definitely be obsolete when you are around level 70 (around level 111 you can start to buy your permanent ones). Check the rarity of those items, when they aren’t 130, it’s really wasting crystals. 

As soon as you become hero level 110+, you gain items with rarity level 130, but still it means that as long as you haven’t reached level 130, that your stats will improve, but that you can then overcome by forging those stats instead. 

It depends what your intention is, but don’t focus on a special set, but on more important stuff that helps you now. What do you want to do? Level up faster? Then xp items might be a good investment. Do you need more troops, then look for leadership items. Do you want to fight wars, then skull gear might help you. 

Depending on difficulty and your progress in dungeons and other factors, other spells and troops might get more important. For example now you use lasting spells (Spells that last several seconds), but later sometimes instant spells (those deal immediately all damage) can also become more handy. When you for example face stronger towers, a monk can undo your damage from lasting spells, but when an instant spell immediately destroys a tower, this can’t be undone (of course the tower must go down then, otherwise it can be healed). 

Summarizing, at the moment I would not worry too much about items. When you can get an item pretty easy and you benefit from it now, it’s fine. But realize they will become obsolete and need to be replaced by better versions later. So when you for example want to level up faster, it might be worth investing in xp gear. When you need more power now from your sonic blast spell, it might be good to buy an item that makes it stronger. Point is, that you are aware that those items will get obsolete. but as long as you benefit for a while from buying such gear, it might be worth the investment.

But but but I wanna image.png

Just kidding. :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks for the tips. Hmmm, so many things to consider! ?

Yea the Omega set is the best.

Killer weapon (great if you play with big armies), great armour, helmet and pauldrons.

And then get the Chloris ring. :wink:  

Hi , you don’t have to get a single set , u can mix different sets pro + uber items to get a good combo  , my everyday raid set is Wisdom Scarf , Chloris cape( i remoed the right perk and added start morale so it is a speed start morale cap now), omega armor , omega pauldrons , chloris axe ,horkos’ virus , zelos ring for bomb kicking aura it is the best ring so far , Imperial Seal for extra leadership , and apollon boots.

This build up is for leadership (21.5K) speed (105,5% ) and start morale(159.9%) 

My point here is there is no 'best pro-set ’ you need to pick what u want in order to help u win raids mix different perks + different items and this will really help ,  i find high speed high leadership and start morale is a very good build for fast winning and building a huge army  hope this will help u 

Thank you! Question about this, so when I remove a perk, can I choose which perk to put there?


u are most welcome , unfortunately no :confused: there is  multiple  perks u can get and each perk have a % chance to be obtained if u select a perk and press the X symbole a menu will be displayed saying if u want to confirm removing perk ( coasts 50 gems ) and under it there is every perk u can get + %chance of getting them , if u press yes it will be removed , then forging the item 1 time ( select any existing perk and forge it ) then the item will get 1 random perk from that list a total random  i’m a bad teacher sorry i can’t explain clearly maybe someone will make it easy for u 

I understood, thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

thats how we are looking for needed perk)

100 tries and we got it)

Madlen, actually this is a question that we also asked. We remove a perk and spin. We get perk A, we remove it again, spin and get perk B. Strange thing is we can multiple times perk A, B, C and so on, despite the fact we paid gems already to remove them.

I did try 50+ times to get skull perk on my heal ring, but all attempts failed so far. All other perks (there are 15-16 perks possible) I got at least twice, some even 5+ times already, only the skull perk not at all. After we remove a perk, either that perk should totally be removed from the list or the odds to get it again should be drastically decreased.

It’s very unfair that some get the perk they want on first attempt, while others don’t get it after many attempts. It’s not only the number of attempts, after every attempt, we get a cool down of more than 8 days, meaning that some need to wait an absurd time or waste an enormous amount of gems. If we could either puck the perk of our choice (out of that possible list) for example for 1k gems or try our luck for 50 gems, I bet a lot of players would pick paying 1K gems.

It’s really frustrating getting perks we already removed with gems, time after time again. Can development do something about this? 

Wish I could! :wink:



I would suggest Chloris Set, Reason its a very balanced set it will help you with lot of health and experience till you reach level 80, thats when you can choose another set.

2 items for speed (helps in rushing to destroy towers and returning to troops)

3 items for xp (it can help you level up faster)

3 items for health

Helmet for little luck and pauldrons for some extra gold.

Only drawback it lacks leadership.

Flothaboss (he is one of my inspirations in this game) collected all unique super items and pro items at least before his retirement. Actually I have >200 among unique super items and pro items. Unfortunately alliances of 1 player cannot participate at war seasons and conquest events.

I have participated in Wars and Conquests before :grinning: