What's the best strategy for advancing? Here's my theory:

So far the strategy that’s been working well for me is to emphasize offense over defense, specialize in one unit, max that unit, and then focus on defense. Here’s why:

These are the variables I typically see when planning a defense:

  1. The Castle Guard takes forever to max, because there are 136 Wave levels (128 of which you have to upgrade individually)

  2. You’re usually attacked more by agressive blitzkriegers of lower ability (I.e, people who’ve charged through the ranks, but actually aren’t that good)

So here’s my theory on what’s the quickest way to progress… Obviously the Castle Guard is the choke point, because each Wave has to be upgraded individually, so it takes /forever/. Luckily, though, it’s about as pivotal of a defense as anything else, so it’s both worthwhile to focus on in the beginning, as well as will it save you time in the end.

But then you have to maximize the effectiveness of your Castle Guard! That means choosing and focusing on the right units for the job. So, what are the best units?.. Remember, you’re typically attacked by people who are more offensive, those who prefer spells over troops. So you need defenses that are good against spells (FYI: Any tower that isn’t Firebolt, Snake, or Skull, is practically useless). And what defenses are good against spells? Monsters. Monsters have a boatload of HP, and they each only count as one target, so one spell cannot hit numerous monsters.

But then, how do you make /monsters/ most effective? Well, that’s another great thing about monsters is that, they’re easy to level up, and each level up makes them twice as strong (they last 41% longer and hit 41% harder. 1.41 x 1.41= ~2). And that’s why I recommend offense over defense. Because by Blitzkrieging the dungeons, you can make your monsters 16x as strong. Yes, that’s correct. Lv.5 Ogre is 16x stronger than a Lv.1 Ogre. This great ability to level up monsters, as well as their effectiveness against spell-spammers, makes them the ideal defense (and offense) for advancing quickly through the game.

But then /that/ raises the question, how do you get through the dungeons quickly? I’ll make this part quick because this is getting long: Timeshare Alliances. I’m not kidding. There are literally alliances who keep high boosts on, and will let you spend time with them if you pay to donate a boatload of gold. Basically bribing for quick boosts to blitzkrieg through those dungeons. So that’s one way to give yourself a huge leg-up only when you need it most.

And, obviously, once you gain a level, take a break (; It’s expensive to beat the final dungeons without a boatload of Leadership and with high-level skills. So once you’ve gained a level, take a break, help your defenses catch up, and get better gear for your hero… Once you have enough Leadership, then you can go for the next level (: This strategy of piercing, then breathing, then piercing, then breathing, will allow you burst through each stage of the game, gain a foothold, and solidify your stance.

Now, since this post is really long, let me summarize:

  1. Level up your monsters

  2. Take some time to let your defense catch up, putting a focus on the Castle Guard (this will help you make best use of monsters and save you time in the end!)

  3. Build up your Leadership and Skills to become more offensive

  4. Repeat (:

For other advice regarding tower placement strategy, go here: http://forum.royalrevolt.com/index.php?/topic/1523-test-your-strategy-here-a-complete-strategy-guide/#entry16952

If you’re looking for an alliance who gives you elite boosts only when you need it (because, remember, if you save your Food and Golden Shield, you can have 3 silos-worth of food in one session, so it’s possible to squeeze a /lot/ into a 6-hour boost. My personal record is 9M Gold in one session), go here:


As an FYI: I typically focus on Ogres as my main unit, and then have Swordrain, Bladestorm, and Sonic Blast as my main spells.


  1. Ogres do blunt damage and have a lot of HP. They’re the best monsters at taking down towers, but are also effective at taking down units. Not to mention, the Stunning Ogre boost makes a horde of Ogres quasi-impervious in any Melee situation.

  2. Swordrain. Ogres are weak against Arblasters. Arblasters typically die in one hit against a high-level Swordrain. Ergo, with a Swordrain in my arsenal, I protect my Ogres from their arch nemesis.

  3. Bladestorm does something like 16x damage against Blockades. That’s why everyone uses it.

  4. Sonic Blast does, according to Wikipedia, 3x damage against all towers. So in combination with Bladestorm and Swordrain, you can pretty slice through all units, blockages, and towers, and just have your Ogres as the clean-up crew. Cooldowns are a female-dog, so I’d only use them when they’re needed, but this is the combination I would recommend for Offense.

I have a very good strategy for you then attack me while I did before I choose a village at the end of the road has no or almost. building defensive barriers and not much then as I attack I do not attack the defensive buildings instead I will run run to break some barriers to reach the gate of the castle and of course at the heart of kings is jogging can put a healing spell and after it reaches the castle gate he destroyed and I try and send you the royal guard it will not attack you also not to be hurt Aucour jogging if you have a mummy you can use preferably use a mummy and Chevallier ok then test and tell you tell if is it a good tactic. Oh I forget as you destroy the castle gate that is about it is that you have two crowns (raids) and also you win all His gold