What's the best strategy, long-term, for collecting gold?

I’m seeing conflicting theories for how best to obtain gold, and I want some clarification. First, the theories I’ve heard:


The Offensive Theory states that if you upgrade Spell, Troops, etc, you’ll be able to raid stronger kings, and thus get more gold per raid.


The Defensive Theory says that you actually get more gold by having a weaker offensive. For example, the stronger your Sonic Blast is, the less gold you’ll recieve, because the game perceives you as being “stronger than” the same opponent. However, in having a weak defense, you’re often pushed back to fight these weaker opponents, and thus, get less gold. That’s the argument against the offensive theory. Likewise, look at many videos of top players raiding other top players. Whereas I get offered 300k, they get offered 80k. So what the Defensive Theory says is, that you should stick to a weak spell offense, only have 1 troop that’s high-level, and then just use that one troop to raid lots of gold out of lower players. Then, spend all of that gold on your defenses; max your defenses while gold is still easy.

I don’t know, maybe there’s a balance? How exactly is Gold calculated, and what are your thoughts? For example, if Level is the determining factor, then obviously Offensive is the way to go. If Strength is the determining factor, then obviously Defensive but with one maxed unit is the way to go. If trophies are the determining factor, then it hardly even matters. Which is it?

Hi Sentinel,


If the question is purely theoretical then I would says just max you offense and raid like crazy but I am not sure that is a useful answer.

With a weak defense, your alliance with not put up with you for very long.


Here is a recipe to collect lots of gold:

  • Have a great “gold bonus” gear  set

  • Have a maxed alliance tower

  • Be at least lvl80+ (with max tower) so you can join a highly ranked alliance to get a large alliance gold bonus and the best boosters

  • Have a good defense otherwise your max tower will not be enough to remain in your TOP alliances.


  • Maintain a list (favorites) of low activity players that often offer loads of gold

- Raid like crazy (think less attack more). 

  • Use the free shield to protect your earning while restocking food for more attacks.

   With the right targets, alliance, booster set and use of shield, one can raid north of 6m per day


So in a nutshell,  there is no shortcut for being a well rounded player inside one of the highly ranked alliances…  


With wars the way there are today, being a bleeder is a sure way to find yourself without an alliance so I would err on the side of defense.

Do not find yourself in the position of the high level players (lvl85+) with a miserable defense, there are enough of those already. Make sure you have 6+ workers like crazy to improve everything.  Have maxed barricades. Always be upgrading your waves… max the right troops that can ideally be use in defense and offense (like cannons/froster).


Except for using loads of gems, there are really no sustainable shortcut to being active and methodical.




Knight Gallant


Ah, so upgrade Defense so that an alliance can amplify my Offense? o.O Smart. Too bad I can’t leave my alliance (^/)^)

How the system is set up is roughly like this.


The game gives every player a rating based on past wins and losses of bases. They factor in spell level and other things as well like your building levels and such. It is very complex system that is constantly changing your rating after each base raid and attack you receive.


With that being said. Players in the top have a higher rating even if the bases are exactly the same as someone a little lower than them like 4500 trophies because they have a higher winning raid percentage they are in a higher tier on the rating system. If you attack someone in a higher tier than yourself you will win more free loot (say 200k) provided by flare games that just magically appears. If you are in the same tier as the players you are raiding then the amount of free loot flare will provide will be a lot lower (say 50k). The loot you receive in game is mostly the free loot provided by flare games, the amount of loot you actually steal from another opponent is actually quite small and you can see this by checking your attack history and see how much loot was stolen from you during raids. They did not raid you just for 5k loot, flare provided them 200k or something like that for beating you but you only lost a very small amount. The players at the top are in the top tier of the ranking system and are provided little to no free gold by flare games… but they don’t need it cause their bases are maxed for the most part anyways.


You can cheat the system some by losing attacks on purpose, as you cannot delevel a tower or spell. Also having a lot of people beat your base should effect your rating as well and drop you down some, you do have to actually have a real base though and not just take out all your towers and waves, that really doesnt seem to effect the system. 


In short, raid a lot and it is OKAY and actually helpful to lose raids occasionally. DONT blow through a lot of gems and get 100 winning raids in a row and 0 losses as the game will start to think you are that good and lower your loot levels because you are in a higher tier now.

Also, consider this - there’s no such thing as “too strong defense” because at any time, you can simply change the path to one without towers / barricades.

It’s all under your control, so i’d suggest indeed having a good defense, but not always - remove it when you want to “become weaker”.

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Here is a youtube video about gold loot mechanisams by flothaboss

I know, I was in that video!!! XD