What's the deal with Iapetos Tower?

I got Iapetos Tower thinking it would be awesome for almost 300k. Turns out it’s not.

I set it up to face a corner in the road (exhibit 1), then in battle, the ring of fire goes everywhere BUT there (exhibit 2).

How am I supposed to use this tower?



I agree.  The iapetos tower is the easiest to avoid and manipulate, unless your units get turned to stone or something.  It would be much better if it was a complete ring, or even if the hole was random.  But the way it follows your hero makes it easy to avoid without even paying attention.  I’d love it if some of the later towers were better than the blessed basic, but I think only the hydra and rapid fire lightning are.  

its basically useless. i avoid at all cost… it needs be a longer circle time and circle range needs to be a bit smaller with a damage buff,for it to be useful.


The orientation of the Iapetos Tower’s safe zone is actually random but it will always face one of the adjacent path tiles.

As you already noticed it will often appear near the Hero which makes it quite easy to dodge. This will change a bit in the next version of the game. The safe zone will then have a chance to face path tiles which are further away from the Hero, making it harder to dodge. It will still be random but the chance of the safe zone being near the Hero will be lower.

The damage dealt by the Iapetos Tower is already very high, it just doesn’t hit very often.

Also, keep in mind that it has a lot more HP than all the other towers, even more than the barricades. This alone makes it worth using as it takes the attacking player more time to destroy it.

But Barricade cost so much less than lapeto. Do the blessing Lapeto worth more than Orthia or Barricade (even at the same upgrade level ?)

I totally agreed that it needs to be fixed. How the ring of fire spread is ridiculous, i have tested many times and i saw the ring actually love the grass and avoid the path, so it’s quite useless.