What's the girls name?

Does anyone knows what is the name of the girl? She cheers us every day with her “HEY” but no one knows her name. 

It can’t be just “girl” 

it’s  Queen Trificalomaxiqus III

Its Aether!

I actually used the internet google machine and it is indeed Aethers voice greeting us when we open the game :slight_smile:

in your dreams … everybody knows that google machines crash


It was in RR 2  paper : it’s queen Trificalomaqicus the third

Or maybe her real name is Senorita Clarita?

Or maybe her name is Señorita Laura and she hosts a terrible TV show without us knowing it  :open_mouth:

Kommunication, is it you on the profile picture?


Love is in the air! :wub:

Come on, was just asking about a picture… You have dirty minds guys…

Nothing dirty about love :slight_smile:

Love can be the most beautiful thing between a man and a woman and sometimes also a horse.

I like donkey more,lol