Whats the highest amount of gems you got from one attack?

And I don’t mean gem dropping! Genuine attacks from unknown players. I got just 46 from one attack and must say, I’m rather >

The max you can receive is 100 gems per attack.

Maybe I used the wrong words. I meant it as in what’s the highest YOU have gotten as a personal record

Yes i red it, but i wanted to give an info too ^^


Next question, how much gems must he spend on scrolls/revive to achieve 100 Gems for the defender?  :open_mouth:

Makes no sense to revive so much out of war season or even in war season unless your a top alliance who are way too serious about winning. What’s your re cord oPelle?

Person that attacked me was 14 levels below but still bothered to attack

I don’t remember, people don’t like scroll in my base  :slightly_frowning_face:

on my old account the highest I got was 38 gems, and it was from flothaboss ^^



1 person? 50 something I forgot…


I had a compiled total of 150+ gems from war once (I am usually the highest lvl aka most skulls so people target me even though they usually cant beat me lol)


*No pictures as both were long time ago*

Atlas when I started the game inwas watching videos from flotha and that was one I saw!! How strange

I get about 40 every battle :stuck_out_tongue:

100! I got it once



7 ressurect damn… how much must the 7th cost? Like 300-400 gems?

u can try it on me,then u will know,lol

I’m assuming it depends heavily on player level to get more as scrolls/revives cost more. As you had 7 revives to my 5, 4 apocalypses to my 5 and I had 4 summoning’s. I look forward to the higher levels

The full hundred, they’d dropped 6 revives + 6 of each scroll they had. The best part was that it was in a war and they still didn’t get 100%. :slight_smile:

100 gems is limit but there was one time vs VL where I got 300+ gems in one day from their champs (it was grinding war format still)