What's the New Unit Going to Be?

So anybody here anything about the New Unit?

And anybody know if this is going to be permanent or just like the zombies I fell in love with just to have them gone for ever!
We really need a ranged unit with area damage good against Knights.Also it would be great to have a Melee unit in the 6 or 7 morale area.

I still really, really want a Dracula.


Maybe  the new unit will be snowmen as the theme is ice. 

Donald Trump will be the new unit.

I expect our monthly map with daily rewards to hold different rewards than we are used to for the December month. So chests with other kind of rewards than we usually get.

The new currency could be coins similar to the ones in zombie/ninja league. Only… what do they mean with the term " unlock unique gear and items"? Do they mean we can fuse items and keep the stats we want to get an unique item? I hope so, but it doesn’t make any sense since they use the word  unlock

The term " unlock" is mysterious and confuses me somewhat, it doesn’t say we get the unique item. So I hope we can buy a perk and exchange it with a perk on an item we have. Let’s hope it’s not random or depending on another gambling mechanism.

I hope that we can’t buy the currency with gems (false hope, with cash you can speed up anything I bet), but only can earn it by competing in events like ninja. At least you stimulate players to invest time to be able to get better and unique items.

The PVE area sounds to me like we are getting some kind of dungeon like map, (maybe an ice world this time) where the end reward is an icy unit like indeed the yeti. I hope it’s not again a unit with ice power (slowing down) vulnerable to fire. Plus I hope the pve area isn’t obsolete after beating it 100%, like the dungeons.


Yeah, the everything with Frost damage has to be weak to Fire is stupid! 

The Firebolt Tower has Firedamage and is weak to Fire / not weak to Frost.

That actually brings up something I was harping on earlier:

Why the hell is a Frost Tower weak to Fire?  It’s a giant fire hose, and everyone know it’s a useless tower.  They could fix the balance if they eliminated the fire damage.


I checked Flare their facebook page and the new currency they came up with is candy canes? You can earn these canes by raiding other players and use them to buy special chests. You can also get special gear during the festival. Maybe a Christmas tree to hit someone with or santa’s bag?

What festival are they talking about? Is there a period around Christmas that we get an event and maybe that instead of zombie/ninja we get a Christmas event where we can earn some kind of helpers? I expect such thing, since they told us before there would be some PVE event and we could earn a new unit (similar like zombie or ninja?).


I think you’ll find candy canes in chamber of fortune like you find ninja coins during ninja event 

About command a new unit. You know Olympus rising and RR2 are very similar. Close to be a clone. I am not surprise if the new unit can be a Siren or Medusa but I prefer Siren very powerful. she can throw Ice and if she are surrounded she scream and create a wave that destroy all unit around

We know its not because its Christmas that it is necessarily a Ice unit. Can be a new Lightning unit or other thing.

If I take the list of unit in Olympus rising its possible can be one of them : Minotaur,Hydra and Griffin

but honestly I prefer not to have the same unit like Olympus Rising. Maybe something different can be cool too


a lots of possibility : Gargoyle,Cerberus,Pixie,Unicorn,Angel,Demon,etc… the list can be enough long…