What's the point in Vouchers if the code keeps changing?

As my title… I noticed that my voucher code keeps changing… and that i’m not getting any invites at all. Is there any specific reason why your voucher code keeps changing rather than sticking with 1 code?



This thread can be closed/removed, I’ve asked my question here as well:


I think everyone misunderstands the voucher system. those green tickers are like flare money


flare is trying to pay you to advertise their game for them.


the more you advertise the more people will download from your link/friend code and the more flare money you can potentially earn.


but the amount you get really depends on how committed the new player becomes (how many times they level up)


the voucher system is not for your friends in the game or fellow alliance members that are already leveled up, it is for new players that you convince to start

What if your ‘voucher/friend’ code changes… is the old one still valid?


not 100% sure on that Skyrider. dunno if it has been tested

If it’s a no, then that’s my problem :slight_smile:

Flaw in the system if you ask me.

We just gotta deal with I I guess…

I think I have read somewhere that you get a new code every few hours, and that the older codes are still valid for a while, I think up to 30h. So your code’s validity expires after 30h. Quite annoying indeed…