What's the point of alliance war?



I know my topic may seem a bit weird or silly question in the title but I am really wondering what’s the point of alliance wars? I mean regardless of the free boosts but if an alliance wins them once they can be extended by alliance gold so what’s the point of continue fighting? like it’s stressful sometimes. 


Like did you really like the alliance wars? I am just wondering and wanted to know what other players think about it

Of course they can be extended by alliance gold, that’s one of the ways players have to donate with real gold and Flare gets more money.


But I agree with you that the first season was fun and new, but it is getting old real fast. On the other side, I can imagine that it is this way in the top 10/15 alliances, but that if you are lower in rank it is more fun because you face more different opponents each time.

Hi Isa Al,


  • Extending boosters:   (endlessly with alliance gold). only a (or 2) handful of alliance can afford this. 

                                             Even in the TOP20, my alliance can’t afford to do it more than occasionally.

                                             We have decided to let the gate expire after our 2nd place in the last round.


  • Stress level:                You are right. They are stressful! Now, it is mostly self-imposed stress.

                                           After a few wars, I assume that each alliance with find its own rhythm.

                                           The level of grinding (2%) expected by various alliance will influence this a lot.

                                           This probably means that the commitment level will go down a bit which is probably the right thing to do.


  • The point of war:        Well, I guess it is the usual: bragging rights, sense of accomplishment, attractiveness of winning alliances.

                                         It has had a 2 interesting side effects:

                                                - exposing a lot of pseudo active players. 

                                                - making lower donation/High level players more attractive to alliances.


Overall, I think the alliance war is a nice addition of content to the game. Each players/alliance can choose the level of involvement they want to have in the war, from total non-participation to crazy 4k+ skull raiding.  Obviously, those that participate can have the added bonus of tax + possibly boosters. Some alliances have already decided to sit out some seasons for various reasons (too hard, wanting to farm gold, etc.)


Now, not everything is perfect with the wars and there are still bugs to iron out. I guess we will see how it evolves over time.


To Vester’s point, could it be more fun in the lower ranks? That is a very interesting question and probably true!




Knight Gallant

it is indeed a lot more fun having war in lower rank alliance (I have a rank 200+ alliance) , fierce competition but not too much grinding


the point of war is boost and bragging rights , for Todesritter winning war is important as we cannot afford the boost forever without winning war.It is also to increase the tax bonus and so we can cover the shortage of gold a bit since we still have around 30 members yet to max the alliance tower


However it is very dull when you’re up against SK RL Apoc Burninator and NATO in same war map , poor BigBangCFNA for next season they’re already doomed


The real few things that really make this war boring for me is probably lack of reward (gems , gold reward , experience reward , food bonus etc.) and the grinding , we haven’t grind in war since we beat NATO in first season.Theres no point in wasting gems for food every 3/4 days really.

I am in VL and we are #1 alliance and it’s really stressful and hard working especially the 2% bonus raids and we are facing all strong opponents in the top alliances and best raiders and bases. 


I mean that we are fighting now for almost no rewards. we got the boosts before and now we can just extend them. I wish there are new rewards for the winners like gems or gold for the players who win but just winning an extension of the boost at least for the top alliances who have a lot of extra alliance gold I find it useless compared to the time and work we are doing to gather skulls.


I wish Flare update the alliance wars rules and rewards because it’s really not worth it as my personal opinion.

Because the more Fiefdoms you have, the more that your boosts level up (; the goal is to get to Lv.10.

Here are the strategies I would suggest for you:

  1. Try to eliminate your enemy alliances. Your goal now is not necessarily just to win, but to end with 8 Fiefdoms each season. Because you want to end with 8 Fiefdoms each season, you want to eliminate as many opponents as possible so that you don’t have to fight on as many fronts.

  2. If possible, try teaming-up with another alliance in your league. Coordinate with them to pound on the same alliance each day, making at least one front easier for both of you. With this, both of you should be able to end with 8 fiefdoms, having the minimal amount of battles.

  3. Start out motivated! Remember, if there aren’t enough alliances in your fiefdom range, Flare will match you up with lower opponents! Yet, at the same time, having more fiefdoms = having greater boosts. That means that, as long as you keep winning, you’ll continually grow stronger and stronger than your competitors, so things will get easier and easier! Start early, and you’ll gain momentum!

Hope these tips make Alliance Wars easier and more fulfilling (:


Yes. Give us more than just the boosts: Gems, alliance gold, ability to trade pearls for huge amounts of gold or alliance gold, additional alliance spots. 


It would be great to have a reward that doesn’t expire. It’s a lot of extra work getting skulls and the 2% bonuses. 

Yeah, and now I could say to you this - at 40 fiefdoms you have arblasters boost at level 3 out of 8. When there was a bug with fiefdoms after 1st season, at 60 fiefdoms arblasters were level 4. Considering how much time it would take most alliances to be there, fiefdoms count doesnt increase power of boosts as much, as it is needed to become stronger after earning +5 for the season (8 total = +5), especially considering that you would always meet other +5 winner in the next season or decsendants from above who previously lost. Fiefdoms count isn’t motivating enough, in this case :confused:

The goal of alliance wars is just a new added game play element. 


It is not for everyone. It is content that brought/bring more competition into the game


What it gives us is a few things.


More alliance gold donations which is great. regardless if you play or not you will gain 1-10% additional gold donations.

3 new elite boosts possibly

A reasons to actually work as a team/alliance and coordinate attacks and tactics.

They are also here to generate more money for flare games. 

Alliance wars also increase the available gold for normal raiding so even if you hate it and never want to play in an alliance war battle they did increase the amount of gold you will see in your normal raids. 




As others have stated alliance wars is not for everyone. The top 10 alliance will probably always just prolong the boosts and never loose them.

Ok it’s not for everyone…but go to tell at those players out there this and “nobody will join your Alliance”, because now you must do alliance wars if you wanna keep even more your members into. Since start an alliance is concepted for players that wanna join their main rewards=the elite boosts, and with alliance wars the logic is: alliance wars= more elite boosts, so people join also for this (especially for this powerful elite boost that are free) So the practice beats theory…unfortunately. It’s difficult the playlife now !  :unsure:

Yeah it’s nothing.

I think that Gems as prize would make it 100% more fun. But I don’t think flaregames is listening to us about it, unfortunately  :slightly_frowning_face:




I don’t see how a non-paying real money Alliance can win more than one war out of two. But this game is becoming uninteresting  when you don’t have the arbalester boost, since a lot of your potential opponent do have it and because of them you can fail against a much weaker player.


All your hard won improvements means nothing when faced with the magnitude of the arbalester boost, once used in pack.

I know that we can use an instant spell, but it means that you leave behind another very important spell, like the indispensable bladestorm against boosted barricades.


All this can be remediated if you spend real money, for sure, but real money is of no interest when you want to pit your cunning and tactic against other. For me the regular use of money is just like cheating in a game.


Once again this game go another step towards the pay-to-win system, it’s not interesting for players like me.


Best regards

My main point was that the boosts can be extended by alliance war so the main rewards of the war we can get them by alliance gold without fighting so you may fight once and don’t find later regardless of extra system gold or bonus alliance donations but the effort it’s taking it may not worth all that. Like having special rewards other than the boosts like gems or gold or random items will make the war more enjoyable because now who wins or lose the war can have the boosts if they had them before so it’s like one time win and life time reward 

Like I said, the boosts grow stronger with fiefdoms

Rewards are boring!

If u win one time first place, than u can prolong all boosts, with no need to win any more…

Try to make like in ‘’ world of warcraft’’ when some of the players(not all) can win epic itemes.

So far we really like the wars, the only thing I dont like is the raging tempo…only 3 days rest and then next war is popping up.

But we are like a smooth running machine right now, almost every member is doing what he should do, so that makes it way more easy and nice to coördinate.


I’d like to be able to decide to not join a warseison.

Now there is no choice if your alli haves 8 or more members, you are simply putted in war, if you like it or not.

Next seison a few members are on vacation for example, it would be nice if we could take off that seison.


For the rich allies I can understand it’s getting old soon if they can extend all the boosts with gold.