What's the point of another close Blacksmith event without Ninjas and Wars?

Sorry not-sorry Flare,

I am…I don’t know…really your logic does not meet mine.

What’s the point of the Blacksmith event starting tomorrow? We had 1 war since the 4.0 loseyourallymembersbecausetheyquit update, no ninja events, compensation only for 1 missing ninja event, very, VERY small gains from the last conquest compared to the 1 week effort, and everything is already gone in the last BS event. This situation wiped out our main sources of chests, pearls (and gems…).

My current situation: 24k pearls (and I have them only because I was a little ant), nothing to melt, I barely have a chest from the daily chests, no way I will invest 1 gems in this nonsense.

I am pretty sure out there there are many bees which, confident, invested all of their last savings in the last event and I sympathize with them…sooooo…what’s the point?


I agree.  Have no chests from war or ninjas.  This is not useful unfortunately.   But blacksmith is still ok


This is where we miss the regular war and ninja chests so much

220k pearls but everything forged 1h before they announced event ?

I feel you brah

No ninja event so there are no chests to melt. 

It’s still going to be useful to get skull perks on those newly bought pro items. 

We were told about this event days before tho

I remember reading somewhere, there would be another Blacksmith event coming very soon because of how the previous one ended before expected, and then many players were not able to use the extra days of event added later because they forged when it ended by accident and were on ~7 days cooldown

Well at least it melt pearl faster and more in next few day so just get stuff from raid and granny. It not much but better than nothing . But again, no or not clear head-up again like boost offensive event and conquest change, hope they can improve this .


this extra Blacksmith event was given as a compensation for that one-day fault with the forum announcement not matching the in-game announcement. When we extended it people complaint that now they are on a 7-day cooldown and can’t make use of it. So now we decided to give you one more Blacksmith event so the 7-day cooldowners also get their “compensation” for that missing day. 

Hi Madlen, 

It s always great to have a Blacksimth event but you claim that it s for the one that could not enjoy the restart of the BS event. I was part of it and just use the second event to melt pearls and perk my def.

I was able to perk again my skulls monday this week, so did I…as I ve never thought that you would do a BS event so soon…and yet…you do it again this week with a one day notice…so again…the ones that you claim to compensate are still ***** by your re re start BS event…

Yeah, there will be people saying that I should have wait…bla bla bla…


This is double disaster for me…

When they started last time I was on a 7 day cooldown. Once BS finished, i was of the view that it will not start anytime soon. So once the cooldown finished, …??  I started again… Missed the event…



lol , i have nothing else to say, just lol ?? 

My cooldown is fine, I can forge like silly.

Oh, wait, I’ve spent all pearls the last time and don’t even have any item chests left (I got the daily uber today so at least there’s that). So I guess I won’t forge.

But I’m not gonna bash the event, it’s always good, even if sometimes mistimed.

Yeah, I’m kinda ticked that there was another one so soon. I cannot participate in the PL for another week and there is not a ninja event for THREE more weeks. Where do you expect us to earn the pearls needed to forge during this event? I only 5,000 pearls right now, that’s hardly enough to do anything more than once, IF I get lucky

Well spent 5000 precious gems that I had earned…No more buying gems from flare though.

Guys, if you’re low on pearls and you don’t have chests to melt, all you really need is to raid with luck gear (any opponent will do, even if they only have 500 trophies). 

Takes a bit of time but it’s an easy way to get thousands of pearls. 

That’s what I’m doing. It’s not a very good or efficient solution tho, cause I only get crappy low value stuff that melts in like 5 minutes, so I have to be active the entire day to keep refilling the slots ?

If you are at 0 pearls, with 12h perk cooldown you can farm a limited amount of pearls already for the BS stats limitations, then you need time to do the attacks, sometimes you get crappy items, sometimes none, with low trophies opponents you gain low money, so also the granny is questionable.

And don’t forget, you need DOUBLE the pearls for everything, because the first attempt just fails ALWAYS even under BS event, I am working on 8 items and since the beginning of the event I had 3 good first attempts…

Yeah, you can select 3 maybe 4 important perks to do and keep upgrading them for the whole event, but you are just limited. If you can farm for 24h straight, good for you, I am just not able and this is not the game I signed for (as my opinion about the Conquest event shows).

P.S.: everything is considered for 0 gems investment, otherwise the deal change of course.


EDIT: I was able to make 4k pearls since the beginning of the 12 hours and only because I am at home…

I know this method works but I already have to nearly force myself to do raids when they matter (wars, ninja etc), having me do boring grinds all day isn’t gonna help my motivation for the game, quite the oposite. This is simply the worst timed event ever, is all. Normally you’d have a bunch of pearls and items from wars, ninja or ads so you’d be fine but this time everyone’s empty.

Btw I’m not sure how beginner players are expected to stay with the game if their sole purpose is being pearl farms. Just an off topic thought…

“only”, lol. I had like 50.

It’s all nice and good, but this event will end again 2 hours earlier, which is what caused all this…is this a bug or a feature for the next future?