What's the point of another close Blacksmith event without Ninjas and Wars?

lol, of course, I’m down to 200 now, but’s that not enough to do anything lol

Fixing an error with another error

Conquest help alot, with 2k pearl from chest i can forge my skill 2 time for 1 more + for the first time in this month :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile: 

Well NOW a BS event would make sense. 

LOL someone logical will give us a BS event but they give us a Granny Event. When nobody have got Uber Chest because no Ninja Event. What the point to force people to buy Uber Chest to allow them to profite of the Uber items more chance factor. 

The event now don’t match anymore with the special events.

Flare its not hard

Conquest = Blacksmith Event

Ninja = Granny

War = Alliance Party

Festival = Boost your defense,offense and Castle