What's the worth in the 3 mummies of Wave 1?

I’m debating on how to level up my Castle Guard. I can raid enough gold for gold not to be an issue, so my only real constraint is time.

So that’s why I ask, how good are the starting 3 Mummies? Is it worth maxing Wave 1, or should I upgrade all waves equally? I don’t want to max Wave 1 if it can be taken out by, like, one spell.

You can fill the first 2 waves with 2 mummyies before and after and you will have the same result will take care enough if they are elite mummy even more !

But putting 3 mummies per wave is more strategic because can make lose more time to opposite king to waste its spells for only the first wave and in the meantime give time to the other waves to arrive, Strategic because you waste your spell at start to kill the mummy but then there are elite knights which need to be killed so you waste another more spell to kill the elite knights of first wave, but unfortunately the second waves of other mummy is already near you and you can’t do nothing until the cooldown of spells is finished. 

Mainly more troops there are more time the king need to kill everyone, so more troops are spawned at start more difficulties you will create to enemy king.


I have my first wave with 2 elite mummy 2 elite knights and 1 froster and second wave only 2 elite mummy; these my first 2 waves are set like this because i want that the opposite king lose time at start, giving time at other waves to come.

Ah, nice! 0: Getting Wave 2 to 28 Morale certainly won’t be hard either.

But you really only need 2 Mummies to accomplish it, it sounds like (:< The last Mummy kinda just gets caught in the spells and does helplessly lol.

Three Mummy’s are way harder than two. I find two mummy’s in the beginning pretty easy to deal with, just spam a couple of knights to take the mummy’s out, then use swordrain to take out the knights and the arbs of the wave across the chokepoint (almost any L or N-base). But the third mummy can’t be attacked that easily, because the knights can’t reach him with the same ease they can attack the second mummy. And by the time they reach him, the knights of the first mummy are already spammed and are attacking my knights. So, yeah, three mummy’s are worth the upgrade.

If you have a bit of bread to waste, maybe attack some bases with 2 mummy vs 3 mummy in starting wave(s) and experience the effect yourself - only way to judge it properly for yourself :grinning:


Anyway, the thing with mummies is they can waste a lot of the attacker’s time… 


You either need 2 damage spells to kill 1 mummy plus its knights, or 1 spell and an army, or (if nothing else interferes and your timing is perfect), a few troops to damage the mummy and then a max lvl sonic blast to finish off the mummy and also kill the knights.


Now, take 2 mummies and you have double the pain. Sure, you might be able to use one spell to damage both mummies / both groups of knights, but when using troops, you’d need double the troops. Also, when using spells, you need to time your spells a lot more exact and also make sure that both mummies take damage and die at the same time: When e.g. launching a sonic blast to kill the mummies slightly too early might result in only 1 mummy taking full damage, with the other one surviving injuredly… when now the 1st group of knights spawns, you either have to kill the second mummy with your king’s sword (wasting time and giving the hostile knights time to do damage), or you immediately activate your second spell, killing the 1st group of knights, the 2nd mummy, but not the 2nd group of knights… so then you have “lost” 2 spells but still have a group of 10 hostile (boosted) knights in your way. Not the thing you want to have right at the start of your raid where you don’t have a big army behind you yet and any mistake could kill your tent. 


Now, add some more “context” and stuff to the situation… boosted bomb towers firing bombs from far away right into your small army at the same time, some frosters, archers, or cannons accompanying the two mummies and firing at you from behind the mummies, slowing down your king and troops… and suddenly it gets even more crucial to correctly time your spells (and activate your hero scream to undo slow effect)… 

Or, imagine behind the first 2 mummies there’s yet another mummy waiting for you… using 2 spells is now definitely unavoidable, and still you might end up with quite a number of remaining hostile troops afterwards, let alone a potential early skull tower that devastates your own troops, or again some boosted bomb towers… depending on base design, you also face across-path ranged fire from the later waves’ ranged troops simultaneously, just waiting to crush the remains of your troops even if you manage to bring down all 3 mummies and their knights… oh, and of course, some may decide to put a raging wolf into wave 2, which will most likely appear before you finished off such a 3 mummy wave, and then he howls and buffs all survivors… 


In my opinion, 3 mummies are definitely harder than 2, and 2 are definitely harder than just one. 

The only thing that I am not yet decisive of, though, is whether it is better to really have 3 mummies, or rather 2 mummies + other troops in your first wave. Because, a froster (slowdown + area damage), 1-2 boosted arblasters (slowdown, heal on death, healing up the surrounding troops, which means one of your 2 damage spells will show no effect, meaning the mummies/knights won’t die as planned), 1-2 boosted cannons (very long range and rather tanky, meaning they might survive the spells and continue distracting you until wave 2 arrives) might be just as annoying and dangerous as a 3rd mummy… 

If i had the first 2 waves of 42 morale points, i would put 2 elite mummies 1 froster 3 elite knights and 2 arblasters and second wave all 3 mummies and see then if the first wave can take more time to the king or less, if less so replace the rest the troops composed by 1 froster, elite kngihts and 2 eltie arblasters with 1 other mummy.

In my waves i’m doing the same things even if i haven’t them at max the first 2 waves: that is i put 2 mummies 1 froster and 2 elite knights and second wave i put 2 mummy only and it works pretty good since elite knights can take care a lot for 30s the king and their troops (according to my raid did in my base)

I use 2 mummies + other troops, I find it tougher.

3 mummies in waves 3/4 is tougher for me and they still spawn twice which is frustrating and annoying , cost time and waste cooldown

Lots of mummy is really good as long as they have elite boosts on