what's this?

? ? ? ?Some of us received this offer. Fairly convenient. What is it? A new pal? There are no statistics. A new fur for the dragon? ?? I think it would be better to explain to us all we were offered. In so many we are waiting for a new pal. Something different. Please in the offers explained what we are to buy. Thank you

Its Eldrak and a new Skin for Eldrak (and possibly also for Nidhoqq and Nemesis).

Hi Alfre Bella,

Please remember this is an English speaking forum. ?

This is another skin for Eldrak, Nidhoqq, and Nemesis. Unfortunately, the name is not displayed properly, but we are aware of the problem and working on it. 


Update: Ah I just saw orko beat me to it! Thanks!


Some players are getting a similar offer, but it’s €50+ and 2 Nemesis instead of Eldrak. 

I apologize. but sometimes my phone makes jokes

please specify that it is fur and not new pal

A new skin means a different look so yes fur so to speak :slight_smile:

No worries.