What's with the length of events?

We wait weeks and weeks for an event (I’m not talking about a Granny event. That’s a useless event that nobody likes). We get an Alliance Party event! YAY! But wait, I’ve been saving gems for a whole month. I have enough gems, but no workers. I had upgraded a building before the announcement was made unfortunately. So my problem is, why give an event that you wait a whole month (and sometimes 2 or 3) to get, and then you see that it only lasts  1  day. 1? I think everyone here agrees that Alliance Party is the best event, by far! I understand that you probably did it because of the ninja event. But if that was the problem why not wait a week and have it after ninja and before the war?

Well it’s your own fault for not predicting flare will do that event on that day and not that other event. :stuck_out_tongue: (that’s probably their trail of thought if they don’t pick events at random)

1 day of event is way too damn short, especially that flare, for reasons I fail to comprehend, refuses to give the exact time of those events, which considering the duration is even more important. Because people have their daily schedules - just because flare doesn’t doesn’t mean everyone is as fortunate.

It’s unfortunate that with everything taking a week to finish when tuesday comes you must stop doing anything (upgrading, building, melting) in case there’s gonna be something useful to do with this gold/workers/items/etc soon. If only “event effects” lasted until a project started during the is finished, not as soon as event ends.

I didn’t know their was an event until I was given an offer and I looked at the Ally tower to see what it costs and low and behold it was 5600 instead of 8000!