whats your fail percentage since stuiped scream nerf !!

Hi Guys


i am level 85 king with 50% scream boost and i was crushing 500-600 medal bases 40-30 sec left with WOK combo


since the update i fail 6 times out of like 13-15 raids in same range most of them time out cause wolf escape and army lost at the corners or wolf escape in the beginning and I had to follow him and lose to make sizeable army at the beginning of the raid


some how ogre die faster and speed is too low now some thing really screwed up


now i droped to 300-400 medal bases still win 10-6 sec left in bases I used to do 1min - 50 sec before

so my fail bases is 6 now with ratio of 30-40% failing


I had one of the worst raiding nights since I played the game


my allaince high level hard guts raiders are reported to fail alot too due to the same reason


so let flare know how much we suffered even before adding 3 more castle gate levels


2+ towers , 1+ barricade and gate HP is boosted a lot



mine is 30-40% fail ratio in my previous range since update


what is yours !!!

i am not complain iam tring to adjust to new setting … but i think it will be harder to find new way to be as good as before without mummy be available all time

For the better… too many low level kings could beat tough bases easily, it was not fair.

Sounds like it was way too easy before. You must have been bored winning with so little resistance.

I have 104% scream boost, it was amazing, took me long time to get it, now its crap!!!

Base are harder, and scream was nerf lol

Thx flare, you destroy the fun again

It seems raiding was too easy before, it’s not fun if you know you’ll win all the time, so I don’t think Flares destroyed they game with this change…

Well 4 seconds delay between every scream is fare enough i feel, I don’t think it makes difference. With the new scream refresh adjustment you need to smart to know when to scream & when to call wolf & how many wolfs. 


If you have the scream going all the time & wolf right next to you with troops surrounded anyone can beat any base with a descent leadership count & scream. You might have to adjust your game. Stop cursing Flare for every thing they do.


Test the scream adjustment on your base or stronger players in your alliance and make required adjustments. I am sure Flare should have done lot of testing done before they decided to adjust the scream.

The core discussion shouldn’t be on the fact that the scream boost (gears) was too much over powered or not… (as it probably was indeed but they might also have nerf it a bit too much)

But on the commercial practice linked to those scream boost gears.

Flare sold (yes, it was some direct commercial sales as the gears/items and alli tower are only available by purchasing them with gems and gems is linked to real money (not gold : that is why, no, you cannot compare to spell/troops/tower buff/nerf)), so they sold those gears as very powerful things to get if you wanted to win more easily for monthsss ( and yes this game as a part of P2W, with buying items/gears, scrolling, the infamous skulls in CoF,…) even creating a crazy Granny sales(in which a lot of players invest real money to get scream gears) the week before nerfing that very same thing they sold for monthsss as the thing to pay in order to win more easily.

And yes, you can make time to time mistakes by creating OP things, but you either correct them directly (not monthssss after) or you have to be creative and put on the market new better other thing to balance your error. But in no way you have the right to nerf something that you have sold (not free or available with gold) for monthssss.

So the question is more on the scam like commercial practice use in this case by Flare and what they are willing to do to fix it. (e.g. some gems refund.)

Gengis, you have summarized very well what I have been trying to say.

My man Gengis you hit the nail on the head it as a scam they sold all that scream boost gear and then Nerfed the scream boost itself. Now i don’t know about anybody else but where I’m from thats called Bait and Switch and thats one of the oldest scams in the book And I’ve seen people get shot for doing it Flare is lucky their head quarters is in Germany and not Bronx New York or this could have ended badly.

I’m lvl 96. 96,2% scream.


Before bases around 800-870 medals. Without any mistake. Playing all right! And depending about the defense elites.

If I miss anything, I lost.


Now, 600-700 medals.

Well , we just have a new tower boost that need scream or gems to deal with so …