What's your favourite Landscape?

Hello Community,


One of the things I like about attacking other players is not only fighting their defense, but also experiencing all the different landscapes.


What is your all-time favourite Landscape?


Which Landscape do you dislike most?


Which Landscape should I get for my newly built maze?


Vote and Comment to share your opinions :slight_smile:





I Use Haunted forest,Highland meadows,And mystic gardens  while i am setting up my base. For me all graphic good in these Landscape.


I dislike graveyard because it looks so dark. I would like to keep it as landscape when i am Logging out from the game.

So the attacker will have the difficult time in figuring out Tower levels and recognising the troops

Graveyard and Burning Rocks, because these Landscapes will make players with cheap devices hard to distinguish towers.

Since i haven’t bought all the landscapes but i have only Highland Meadows, Haunted Forest, Burning Rocks, Mystic Gardens, Merry Christmas, i can say that my all-time landscapes and also the most used by me, is the Burning Rocks Landscape. I used to use it for some reason that you can learn with experience during your playlife in rr2. But let’s start from the beginning:

HIGHLAND MEADOWS characteristics:

  1. It’s the defeault landscape but it hints very good secrets:
  • It can cover some tower with its trees, making a “treasure hunt” for towers;
  • It can cover your troops during your raid because of trees are “high” so you can have some difficulties to do the raid and see where are going yuor troops !
  1. However you will replace it, because there are more beautiful landscape than it XD

HAUNTED FOREST characteristics:

  1. It’s the alternative landscape of Highland Meadows and it has the same practise of the first landscape, that is cover your troops and towers. So here it’s your choice.
  2. Thi landscape is little more dark than first landscape so if you wanna make the life of opponents difficult, choose this !

BURNING ROCKS characteristics:

  1. Burning Rocks can help you to camouflage (but also Graveyard Landscape) the background with towers (especially the high level towers from lvl 7 plus, which obtain the characteristic color of dark-gray nearly black) and especially for the high level towers (firebolt towers and skulls towers) it can camouflage them, putting little % of difficulties to the enemy player to find towers. I can say this because you can expect this impact during raid (of course i’m not saying that it covers at 100%, but a good 2% yes ^^)
  2. Plus you can “hint” (also here for the 2% of visibility) on the minimap before attack someone the purple Elite Towers (Poison Arrow Tower & Range Bomber) P.S.: Do not expect big changes: this must be clear !
  3. Also for who has bad devices or bad lightining in its device, it can help even more to cover all towers, etc making little more “difficult” the feat of winning the base at 100%.
  4. I always liked this landscape for its little volcanoes ^^

MYSTIC GARDENS characteristics:

  1. Of this landscape i like so much the background music (also the Golden Desert background music is 1° place for me currently, but i don’t want to spend 100 gems until i maxed my alliance tower ^^). I like sing-song the mystic garden music during the raid because it’s funny ^^
  2. Sometimes and i say sometimes can help you to cover some towers but also here the best choice should be Highland Meadows, Haunted Forest, etc (all landscapes which have trees that can cover your towers.

MERRY CHRISTMAS characteristics:

  1. This landscape make the life of Windows (Computer) Users difficult ! You will ask yourself: why? Well, the answer is simple: its light landscape is very similar to the mouse of rr2 game so also here the landscape camouflage the mouse not making visible where you are pointing your king so maybe you can lose reconnaissance for a lot of time, for me happen many time this fact since i play on windows 8.1 computer. It’s power of cover the mouse is very high, i would say 50% ? maybe? However Northland and Merry Christmas vie the “mouse-capacity-invisibility”

Now choose yourself the most appropriate for your defence ! Use Dark Theme (Burning Rocks, Graveyards) to hint towers against all Users!

user Light Theme (Northland, Merry Christmas) to hint mouse against Windows Computer Users !


The most “dislike” landscape however is the first Highland Meadows (i don’t like it because it makes transpire everything on the path, and tactic is important so is better choose other landscapes !) 

Since you are a newbie the best appropriate choice the the second landscape (Haunted Forest), also only the experience as i said at start will let you choose the best lanscape according what you have to do:

  • defence yourself or put a lanscape whatever you want since doesn’t matter for you  :grinning:


Hope this help for all people and not only for you Jack !

Good luck with your choice guys,



bonjour mes amis du jeu rr2 

ses vrais que maintenant ses l’été chez nous lol mdr 

non autrement ses le plus foncer et aussi le très très blanc sa ses claire 

mes moi perso j’ai une préférence pour les couleur sombre et pour les saison de guerre ses l’hiver le blanc 

voila je vous dis amitié du jeu @+ jimmi 

bonjour oPelle je suis d’accord avec se que tu dis et félicitation pour cette bible de paysage merci 

jimmi @+

Very comprehensive post, oPelle! :slight_smile:


Adding my two cents to it, I think the golden desert can also be used for hiding some towers/structures, as it contains some tall pillars of rocks, which are similarly effective as highland meadows’ tallest trees (which in turn are taller than those of the dark forest). 


Especially in the beginning, where there’s no dominant base design yet (like L-shaped bases on high lvl), I suggest to try and make your very personal, individual, unique base layout whenever feasible, and also try to incorporate your chosen landscape into your design, whatever landscape it is. 


Oh, and almost forgot to add that… 


the Android Happy Birthday environment is filled with party decoration, presents, cakes and candles, is brightly lit and - most awesome!! - it features those litle android droids as a green replacement for your usual knights! :slight_smile:

That’s also a way to pick your landscape :slight_smile:

My favorite landscape has to be the Happy Birthday, Google theme. The little Android knights are a lot of fun. However, I use the graveyard because of the darkness, and the creepy sound effects


I tell you the game friendship @ + jimmi 

Burning Rocks provide user with skull heavy base + L/N design some advantage as the tower’s shadow are not visible from across path going up to the castle , so raiders won’t know what to expect next until the tower starts shooting.At least thats what I think.

Love dessert,graveyard/haunted meadows.

Burning rocks…hands down!!!

Best music and graphics…and helps the towers to camouflage…if high lvl :slight_smile:

In the end I’d say burning rocks is the best landscape. You want to make sure that all the players with slow, laggy devices are even more discouraged by towers whose outlines they can’t quite distinguish shooting myriads of damage into their bedraggled little armies… :grinning:

Personally I always thought graveyard would be more annoying than burning rocks… the landscapes are both dark, but the light level on graveyard seems to be lower, and some small mist clouds are there as well, while on volcanic rocks you have at least some hints from the bright lava… but so far I don’t have burning rocks personally, only graveyard… 


Do you have both, Merlin? 

I like the Happy Birthday landscape cause it gives a new look to Knights


it would be nice to have more landscapes like that 

I use graveyard because people might have a low brightness or a bad phone and fail at my base becuz they can’t see, and highland meadows for building a new base

I don’t have graveyard on my account, Heroesflorian; I have burning rocks because it was the random one RR2 gave me at the start. Happy luck there. :slight_smile:

Darkerion, I always thought the happy birthday landscape looked gloomy. Who wants to sing, “Gloomy birthday to you”? :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, landscapes can also be very good for your base like graveyard and burning rocks, for users with low brightness it’s really hard to see. Sometimes they can’t even identify what is what so those 2 are my favorites. Also, the merry Christmas help when windows player attack because it camouflage with the color of the cursor! They will have a hard time struggling in the base but if they have like a different cursor, it won’t work so that’s why I don’t like it as much.