What's your Nirvana?

" I found my Nirvana" did you? Take a break from the recent negative comments on the forum.

The day I decided to spend my time with my family not getting bothered too much about the state of RR2 affairs, I found “inner peace” as in the movie “Kung Fu Panda”.  :grinning:

We can or cannot spend money in the game. THAT’S GIVEN. Nobody can force you.

However, some part of the game needs correction, which we do recommend on the forum. To accept or not is FG’s decision. We in no way can disrespect a person for the decision we take. We can ask and should ask for compensation. If we get it or not or how much is the sole discretion of FG.

We are using this forum to vent our inner frustration rather being constructive. I let the things pass on if it is not in my playing zone. I have to spend time with my family, go to work, and relax. If if I can clear some RR2 set up goals in that time “great” or else let it pass. I will not make this my “LIFE”. I have and will continue to enjoy the game on my own terms. If I change my decision and become a paid player then the ups and downs that go along will have to be accepted by me and move on. I cannot change as a person or rather I should not. 

Sorry, if I have offended anybody. The thought of writing this up came as I saw many accusations and foul mouthing going on in the forum.




Let me know when you buy a new phone and it goes dead in few days and the company says we’re sorry for the inconvenience. The world doesn’t work the way you say. You spend money for some purpose, whether in real life or games.

True, I will write and work out for compensation, but that cannot ruin my life. Or  I cannot wait till the phone is repaired, I will move on with the experience i got.

That’s what is Nirvana. You cannot linger on to a thing and make it you life. Correct, the world does not work the way I say. If it did, we would have had so many wars and agony. 

You fail to understand why people play games and why some are willing to pay a truckload of money or spend all the time in the game. It’s easy for free casual players to say things. There’s a term hardcore gamers and there’s a reason the term exist.

And yet you’re bothered enough to make this BS post in RR2 forum instead of letting your “inner peace” to truly leads you to spend more time with your family and real life.

Sure, I have a right to express myself.  :slight_smile:  

As I mentioned you have the right to send/write out your views in the forum, but how will you explain the foul mouthing and the words going around. 

I am not saying that I am a master at having inner peace, but to spend time with my family (I chose that) rather than setting a time for playing at the night is far more important to me. Maybe to get up and play may give you happiness and still you can spend quality time with your family or do things you love, but then when things go wrong, you cannot get frustrated. Just my POV.


Is there really a need to choose to use that language?  :wink:  Although, I appreciate your input.