What's your Ogre name?


Mine is Sensitive Gigglepurp and I think that’s beautiful ?.


Odd Sharpface, suits my ogre ?


Love it :wink:


Odd Bluespike…

Well that’s weird :lol:


Odd Schwarznase ? … like my dog 



Why are you all “odd” :wink:



Nevermind my Oggreness, but I giggle’d with that one :wink:

File:Sticker gif ogre cheer.gif


and both are so cute and good ??


Angry Bluetah!!


My IGN starts with a number.

Should I give a name to my ogre or put according to the initial of my first name?

Should I choose my favourite pal (but I haven’t a preference) or my most used pal?


It’s not IGN, it’s your first initial of your real life first name. The first initial shows a the first word to the name of your Ogre. Then your favorite pal has a last name attached. For instance, mine was Angry Bluetah. A - Angry and Fritz - Bluetah


Talkative Bluespike (?) 

Oh c’mon! ? hahahahahah


Angry Sharpface

goes well together  :lol:


Pretty Bluetah More like brutal though  :ph34r: