Whats your opinion on cannons?

I find that they die way too quickly or end up wondering off in front of the troops that would defend it. So basically they kamikaze themselves for no reason. What do you use with cannons and what do you think of them? Mine are level 4 *laughs*

Maybe you are launching them too early. I like cannons a lot but they do tend to keep on rolling if you aren’t blazing a trail.

I wait until my morale bar is just about to fill then spawn one cannons then whatever else i have hoping it will do something before dying. Then spawn more troops then more cannons but chokepoints/distractions are bad for cannons. Why do cannons attack troops in defence but not offence? Or am I just seeing things

No they attack mortars for some reason but not other cannons

Use cannons as supportive unit. I now use (boosted) cannons as a support to take care of some towers while my other (boosted) knights and (boosted) wolf help me get through the base. Against FB towers cannons die pretty quick, but when shielded they aren’t that bad.

That’s my problem. Firebolts get through them so easily because they are so slow to fire

Cannons are so powerful, I always use them. Try spawn one, then some arblasters, and then u spawn more cannons with some arblasters, while ur king tank tem. When u reach the middle of the base, u can spawn a mummy. It’s a very good combination.

I only have a level 2 mummy so I cant imagine his that good against ranged opponents.

If I spawned a cannon and a few arblasters I’ll get murdered by 2 wolves and 3 ogres I guess it’s all different at other levels so can’t really advise.


Anyway I think cannons boosted are pretty damn good on defence. don’t really use them in attack maybe thats where i’m going wrong. Unless a troop is boosted it’s trash imo.

For sure, it depends on what kind of defensive wave…

It all depends on the layout, but I’ll run past posion/cold/lavatowers, then later summon cannons to finish them off.  

Depending on how many firebolt towers there are that could take a long time for players that have lower level cannons. Good idea though

Again, depends on the layout, but in that case I’ll destroy everything but the firebolt, then summon pyros to finish them off later.


Most maps have some kind double back that lets ranged defender troops attack to another lane, if I can get my king to that point and hold, then the pyro and/or cannons can mop up the towers I ran past.


(as a note; my King level 76 & ~3000 trophies)

I hate using cannons in Offence, i normally run out of time everytime i used them…

i find them very slow, moves like a snail and they easily die…

My other issue with them is when there are two towers next to the gate they think “o well” and just go for the gate. Though this has worked in my favour with players much higher than me getting 98%, though they get the gold and trophies anyway it still feels good (",)

They aren’t good in attack, only in gate, so I use them for defense


How are they useful in defence? Do they attack the troops or only the king?

Cannon is my favorite units to break the gate, but can more effective again FB also if we can use Shield to them. So, i spawn cannon after mid of the path and let my melee units brushing all of distraction first. Very usefull when they can reach to the gate,i think 2 - 3 cannon can make significant destruction to the gate 'till finish.


Depend I have use cannon level 5 to 85 to destroy base easy and fast

At level 86 if you want to use them un-boosted level them at 7 and at level 90 you need Storm Cannon to be very effective

Depend of the base you face :

1.between 1 to 3 Firebolt : its ok

2.between 4 and 5 : you need froster or Arblaster a ranged unit to protect them and a lot of Knight to block Cannon to go alone and be destroy

3.between 6 and 7 firebolt or more : Cannon are useless be destory so fast

but say they are slow? not really the problem they are fast you must wait to be close to something before summon them or if you cast and there is no defense or tower they advance fast alone and be destroy and you lose time to summon other one or others troops

Plus :

* Huge HP if you have max Cannon + Storm Cannon plus if you boost HP perk like 10 time or more

* Storm Cannon + Sniper Cannon make the Cannon very useful in all base

* their range can destroy a skull tower or firebolt tower at very long range 

* Useful in both Offense and Defense

Cons :

* Un-boosted they are useless in strong base

* Without shield can be hard to keep them alive if you face Max Firebolt