What's your raiding strategy?

Ok, so, recently I came up with a new raiding strategy, and it’s helped me quite a lot. What I do is I summon 3 Ogres to act as meat shields and to take care of any units that get past me. Then, I go forward with high-level Swordrain, Bladestorm, and Sonic Blast, and kill as many enemy units as possible. Typically I can OHKO anything besides Paladins. Then, once the overlap is taken, I stop to regenerate health, and spam cannons. The cannons make quick work of all towers, and the ogres protect them. Then, I summon a mummy to help stall enemy units while I heal. Then, once the clock gets below 1min, I spam mummies (because nothing else can travel fast enough)

This has helped me go from using multiple scrolls per attack to just 1 Blessing per attack. And I always have ~30sec left to spare. I think this is good, but is there anything better?

personally think that if you’re raiding non boosted base with less than 500 medals , using scrolls means that the strategy is not working

They usually are boosted, and most are around 550 medals. I just go after whoever has the most gold because I’m trying to squeeze as much out of my spare food as possible.

Seems like an interesting and detailed strategy. Can’t judge whether or not it is that effective, though. 


But let me ask you one question: If you have 30s or more left after winning, why not retreat a bit and recover more health instead of using a blessing scroll? I mean, sure recovering health costs some time but if you always/mostly have 30s left at end, going a bit slower and without the blessing scroll might be more effective and especially cheaper for you? 

Because I’m usually about to die 1/3rd of the way through the first overlap xD I go 1/3rd, use Blessing. Go another 3rd, step back into the Blessing (through the path). Go another 3rd, and wait for my units to catch up while I heal on my own (: