When a King dies attacking your Castle, you should get "his" Armor.

Since everything in the Blacksmith shop is so wildly overpriced and undervalued.  But it is fun…

We need more stuff to melt down. 

So… when a King dies attacking your Castle, you should get “his” Armor.

Now I put “his” in quote because Flare probably won’t give us armor that good, but if they’d just give us some armor.  Even if it’s a lesser quality armor, that would still give us stuff to melt down into pearls.

And give us a little extra bonus for not just running the enemy out of time, but actually defeating him.

Now to prevent against exploiting so someone can’t make another account and just attack himself again and again if the same king dies over and over again in a row maybe you just get his armor once.



Maerique being Maerique. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s too easy to abuse the system, when free item is given when a king dies at your defense. Since a lot of players don’t care for trophies an easy trick could be used, especially during cooldown.


Leave your alliance, attack members who need items a few times and let your king be killed on purpose. It only costs some bread. Then return to your alliance and let others repeat the same trick. It would be quite easy to get a full inventory. Even random items can be worth a lot of cash or be used for melting down purposes.


Nice idea, but since it could be easily abused, not very realistic.