When a new update?


Everything’s quiet…

When you add a new level to the buildings, to the barricades, to the academy of war, to the temple of heroes, to the sanctuary of power ....

And especially when you add a new level to the Uranus Alliance Hall?

Many players have come to the max and I think it's time ...

Ajax is now a shit and Athena is too weak at high lvl if they update the structures and these two heroes leave them as they are now, we will have unusable knick-knacks, good only to make us steal the gems

Well Instead of increasing Levels on structures developers first should increase level of Athena’s Fist of power it is very weak even when Maxed out ? Or give Her some sort of Boost.


IMHO, what should be done is a thorough rebalancing of certain OR aspect to be more diverse. I have mentioned it somewhere already, but we only use 3-5 units of our overall unit list, because the rest are simply not good enough to be used effectively in defense or offense. This in turn boils down to VERY repetitive matches, since there are only 2 viable defense patterns, which are then subjected to minor variations based on tower placements and 3-4 unit loadouts to deal with the said patterns. Hence, before bringing more levels with some other crap to level, I would much rather have all the stuff we have available updated and equalized.

There are more than 2 viable defenses. I can think of 5 commonly used ones that are fine.  Offense has certainly outpaced defense again, though. New tower levels are needed, or some kind of game changer tower like nyx. Just un-nerfing nyx would work. They’re kittens compared to how they were even 6 months ago


And other than sirens, there aren’t any truly useless units. You’d have to pay me to use minotaurs or cyclopses, but some people swear by them. Even warriors can be useful, sorta. Sirens are garbage though, even blessed.

at different levels, different units become more or less viable, too


strengthening the towers of nyx in my opinion is wrong if the attacking units remain stupid, even today 10 trabucchi go into mental confusion when there is nyx.
A blessed caron tower is enough to launch blessed sirens and a phoenix that brings them back to life to block an entire army.
I agree that the Cyclops are not needed, but this is due to the fact that the blessed spearmen are overpowered, we are in the parody where the base units are the best and the monsters that are unlocked with sacrifice are useless.
There is a huge disparity between the alliances, for the big alliances is in fact another game, for example I see that when I attack these gamers 3 blessed warriors take out 2 minotaurs in a moment.
The gate of Apollo immune to demolition is a filth
and the fact remains that Ajax and Athena are two heroes who are useless at high levels.
You have to rebalance the game to make it enjoyable to all and not only those 200 players of the first 4 alliances, otherwise they will remain and the developers to play while the remaining 100000 will turn to other games more rewarding

Phoenixes don’t revive units from charon towers.

And phoenixs, griffins, and hyrdas are all amazing units. Spearmen are good and important, but you cant win with just spearmen.

I have now tested my defenses and the phoenix has brought back to life the warriors who have come out of the caron tower, I invite everyone to check, so that falsehoods are not spread.
You’re right that you do not just win with the spearmen, but they waste a very long time, and the same goes for the blessed sirens

However, the other things that I said remain, starting with Athena and Ajax who are useless at the highest levels and I think that you know that too

amen to this

hi bros 

yes bro you are right

many players reach near end of all upgrades,

but i think that they will allow us to upgrade only 3 things in the new update and those are:

1.Wave max lvls in the Guardhouse

2.Units max lvls in the Academy

3.Power max lvls in the Shrine