When Alliance Invites Become a Problem

Yesterday I became alliance-free for the first time in ages. Things happen and you move on. Since then, I’ve been bombarded with invitations from alliances, which is quite a nice compliment.


There are some alliances which have sent me 10, 15, 20 invitations, all of which I have declined. Sometimes an alliance is not what one is looking for. That’s life. But isn’t it obvious that after 2 or 3 times a person declines your invitation, they’re not going to join your alliance. I mean, what do they expect, “Ok,you totally wore me down with 25 invitations to join in less than 11 hours. I’l do it!” Frankly, it’s borderline harassment.

You can’t fight someone more than 3 times in an hour. Why not do the same with alliance invites? Just a suggestion.

Hehe, i have seen that too. I don’t know what they are thinking :lol:

However, there is already a cooldown for invitations from the same general. I don’t know the duration though.
So if you get 5 invitations in rapid succession, they come from 5 different generals/leader.
The cooldown doesn’t really hinder them from sending you 20 invitations over the day, though …

Btw. do you want an invitation from me :stuck_out_tongue:

I have seen the same when I was out of the alliance. Plus all the friend request. It’s so competitive with the demands of the game plus the requirements that most upper alliances have. Maybe a 24,48 or something hour cool down.

Btw We will also send you a invite as well :slight_smile:


i know what you means. That happen to me one time. I was connected and a alliance send me invitation, I decline 1,2,3 times after receive again from the same alliance 4,5,6 invitation after 1 minutes and so on… OK what they expect? you gonna accept after 10 times?

that why you must use if you want there is a beautiful feature in this game. You go in your Hero stats and remove : ‘‘Allow receive alliance invitation’’ after that relax and you can connect in the game without receive 1 millions of invitation each day

Why did you not just joined the alliance that invited you so much? Then asked to be promoted to general? Then kick a person or two? Then leave again?

Or just joined and ask why?

I did join and ask why and told them please do not invite me anymore. They completely ignored my request and made me a general. Not the kind of alliance I am looking for.

Nor would I join an alliance just to screw with their heads, so to speak. Not the kind of person I am (I hope!).

It’s part of the game. Like Warriornator  said you can always turn off invites. I was out of a alliance 13 minutes and received 26 invites and 6 friend request. 

every invitaion I receive, is an invitation to attack. So I have less time spend finding good loot.


How do you know who in the alliance to attack

simple, look at the members and decide which one you can beat and has good loot


I don’t see how that helps to stop unwanted invites.

It don’t help to stop that, but you can turn it in an advantage


maybe it don’t help to stop that but if you want to have fun you can destroy the majority of the alliance who harass you and after they are annoyed and maybe stop send you invite or just attack them for gold and loots

You’re one person vs up to 60 (not you but in general). You may even get someone a little crazy that wants revenge too. I understand someone that keeps sending invites getting upset. I would also not take it well if one of our weaker players got attacked because of a invitation I sent out. This is a raiding game, but it’s also in a way a Alliance game as well and invites come with it.


Then I believe you have solved your own problem. You were in a position to do damage but choose not to (because of your character). People with good character will get these situations that will upset them- because good character is the exception (specially in a game). You have set a good example to others - and to do that is not easy.

Well done UnevenGiant. :slight_smile:  

Thank you OilFire. There are some good alliances that will cease and desist if you sign on and ask them to stop sending invites. And then there is an alliance like WarriorsHub, which sent ANOTHER invitation within 1 minute after me joining them ONLY to ask them to stop inviting me.

It’s not funny. It’s not cute. It’s HARASSMENT. Plain and simple.

Agree, though it doesn’t happen to me too often as I’m comfy in my current alliance but it would be nice to be able to have more impact of what kind of alliances can invite us, or from a point of view from the alliance, what kind of players apply to the alliance. Turn off/on invites we have now is it not enough.

Add MODERN APOCALYPSE2 to the list of unbelievably rude alliances who can’t take FIFTEEN PLUS NOs for an answer, even after I joined them to request–politely I might add–that they stop harrassing me with endless invites. To which they made me a general. So fine. I will now simply sit there and do nothing. Because apparently alliances like MODERN APOCALYPSE2 have no respect for anyone.

Seems like they ve put you on a pedestal…

That is no way for a general to talk about his alliance :wink: