When are gems awarded

So it is now May 25 - when will you award the gems promised as birthday prizes?

It’s taking a couple of days to verify all entries and award the Gems. We’re anticipating that these will be fulfilled in the next two to three days. I’ll be posting in the main thread after this has been completed.  

Ohh… looks like @flaretara forgot to actually make this topic visible after replying to it. 

Made it visible now, so her response can actually be seen and useful, as I heard a bunch of people asking the same question in the meantime. 

Doh! Sorry about that @Heroesflorian, and thanks for the assist. I also posted in the core Victory thread yesterday, so hopefully that should help. 

Thank you for understanding and awarding us, it is appreciated.

Hello, for some reason I sent the results of the war and the screenshots of the members in STEP ONE. So if we can get a reward for this, please let us know. Thank you

Just saw this reply being “unapproved”… might need attention unless resolved already… @flaretara.

Здравствуйте. Мы не получили награду за участие в этом конкурсе! Где вознаграждение за победу на острове с 5 черепами?




Hello @Dez123,

thank you for letting us know. We checked it once again and it was a mistake on our side, we want to apologize for that.

The Gems will be added to the Members of the Alliance that took part in the contest as soon as possible.

Sorry for the trouble!


Thank you! We will wait.)