When are the Events? (3 days after War Season?)

When are the Events?

I feel like they are 3 days after the close of the War Season is that correct?

Usually 1 day after war it’s announced and then the next day it’s live 


anyone knows what’s the next event?

Yes, Flare Games knows it :grinning:

i guess it will be boost your offense



Almost guaranteed as I have just started a lengthy spell upgrade   :rolleyes:

…or All. party.

MAERIQUE ponle Que hoy miércoles por example Termina la Guerra, pues mañana lo avisan o lo Comunican Aquí y Pasado (el viernes) lo Activan. Me Explicado amigo?

I’ve told you to speak English because most members don’t.

Muchacho que lo e dicho en español, déjame ya de decirme como tengo que escribir y como no, lo pongo de las 2 formas por si acaso, y punto, es que no entiendo porque cada vez que digo algo, me corriges, y ya esta muchacho, déjame que lo pongas de las 2 maneras, de 1, de 3 o de los idiomas que yo quiera, se acabo.


It is an English speaking forum.


Back to the topic, I’m 99% sure it will be offense event, defense, castle and offense always come in a row. Sadly, even though was was sure it will be offense event since  long time ago I forgot about it and upgraded a spell which won’t be ready for the event :slightly_frowning_face:

Hello Javi,

Can you check the official Royal Revolt 2 Forum Rules ?


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