When are we going to get new content?

I was noticing I did get my request for the Robhinhood color scheme and the Blue Steal color scheme fulfilled!  ?



Which I love/thanks!

But when are we going to get new game play content? 

When are you going to make the Gargoyle useful on offense.  It carries a bomb for destroying buildings!  It’s obviously about time!


But if you’re set on just delivering customization…

When can I get new walls for my castle? 

What about Wall Skins?  I bet people would be really excited about customizing their castles! 

I’ve had the same look for my castle for like 3 years!

*boosted Gargoyle are used in offense by top players.

well I’d love to see custom castle skins, I support this.

Good grief, we’ve received plenty of new gameplay content. We got the Guardians 2 months ago and I can guarantee you we’ll get something new with 5.0. Let’s be patient, the 5.0 update comes out sometime next month

Gargoyles are already really awesome in offense with the new Conquest Boost (well, I guess it’s not really a new boost anymore lol)

As for castle skins, that would be awesome, though, I think they shouldn’t be skins, the castle walls should change depending on the Landscape your kingdom is set in



Actually I’ll accept that.  I’ve been using boosted Gargoyles in offense as well.  I personally would like to see them always being useful.  But maybe they are better only seasonally useful.

Castle/Wall skins is a GREAT idea!!! I d LOVE too see MANY different skins, it d add soooooo MUCH to the game s diversity.

I live to see the day when FG will introduce a Chuck Norris skin, I ll sell my house to get the  gems to purchase it…come on FG …COME ON!!!