When are we off to war fg?

Could we possibly get any information on this highly anticipated feature of urs? I dont know how much longer ppl can keep fighting over trophies that hold near zero value other than rank… though even if ur guilds ranked 1st u cant even gloat as theres still no world chat lol c’mon fg time to deliver for ur playerbase… plenty of great ideas put forward by players since last update

I would like to know that too.

Update is due in September.

September is tomorrow.

Ergo: Update is tomorrow.


It’s pure logic, guys. :wink:

sorry but its released at the end of Sept  :slightly_frowning_face:

p/s: hope not  :wink:

Im a little nervous that nothing has been shared with us about wats in the next update aside from the obvious ? (though there has been really no info for that either except for a very rough date)… we have no idea wats comin as u continue to rarely respond to these threads… alyssea u do a great job but this side of it really needs to be improved, please stop leaving us in the dark 


There should be more info coming over the next days, and it will be communicated here as well. :grinning:

good to hear that  :wink:

Its been nearly a week but still dont hear any news about clan war ?

Problems …

On Monday 12th September there will be a first glimpse into the Alliance Wars. :grinning:

That’s good news. 

Can we get another Alliance Days promotion soon?