When are you going to stop spying on us!?

So the last update was a month ago and Android users are still having their GPS turned on when the game is running.  A fix was supposed to be put out for this.  This should be your NUMBER ONE priority. People should be working overtime until a fix is published.  This shouldn’t be that difficult to change and a sincere and thorough apology should be issued to your fan base, including compensation.

There not spying on you. Yes they can trace IP’s and what not, but they don’t care about your physical location. You have to be connected to their servers solely for security issues and transaction info. There’s many programs that may benefit from your “location”  but royal revolt is not one of them. So breathe easy.

Ooooooooomg!!! They are spying on us???



God, we are doomed…

where is the problem? 

I need to throw my iPhone and move! They’re on to us!!!

While the gps is indeed activated on some devices due to a bug, the game itself does not collect any data from players or communicate your position to Flaregames at any time. This bug was supposed to be fixed and I will check why it apparently does still occur with some players.





Maybe you guys don’t care if a company TURNS ON YOUR GPS without you knowing, but I sure do.  This needs to be fixed ASAP.

If you were not aware yet most, if not all apps have access to all your text messages, phone logs, i.p , media files etc. So every single app that you have on your phone is and i quote " Spying on you ".  It’s not just Apps it’s the internet in general , Google spies on you , so does Facebook. To keep things minimal, If you don’t want to be spied on  i would suggest you uninstall all apps on your phone, clean your device, Don’t use social media sites. Use private browsing or proxy even a VPN, or just stay off the internet period.




Cheers ` 

Getting slightly off topic here. But VPNs, proxys TOR what ever you think your hiding behind will not work. Short term yes, but all data is stored, yes it’s encrypted, however in time as computers get more and more powerful decoding encryption will be a cake walk (military grade quantum computing) 10 years away. kinda guessing but its coming.

they can do what ever they want they are watching you and listening to you through your devices RIGHT NOW check your house for pinhole cameras and other bugs. they are watching!!!.

Pray tell dear OP r u some kind of secret agent or something way more sinister…?

The point was he can stay offline and fat out NOT use any type of technology so that no type of data would be added to the information that they already have. That is why i said (minimal). It’s true computer and phones all that will be more advanced but don’t forget the government isn’t the only one who is watching. People are becoming more aware of these types of issues along with genetically processed foods. New computers that can decode faster will just create another new market for developers to develop even harder encryption more difficult VPN ’ and etc. It all about money and rotation. But as you said this is now officially off topic.

HE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the conspiracy theories are correct. beware!!!