when do they offer the 2 slots open for 330 gems

my friend plays and said they offer this 330 gem deal, when is this offered, it opens the 2 slots on the side for hero and magic

when you have gems less than 330…

i have 302 no offer, they best give this to everyone, not just some

why am i not getting starter package???

its random. be patient. i got it when i have 180 gems.

dont collect any gems from quest reward. it will very useful for buying this package later, especially for free player.

when you have gems more than 330, you will get another offer. yeah, with higher price of course. for example worker package for 1500 gems.

it is flare marketing so you will buy gems with real money.

just be patient.

that should be something that everyone gets offered, not random, wow, that blows they do that to people

It is probably also worth saving the gem levels in the dungeon. At 330 gems, that 20-50 gems can make a big difference as well if you are lacking the achievements.