when do you get to watch the vids to get more food?

I haven’t had the option yet. But my friend who is a lower level than me has this option when he tries to battle with no food. It brings up the vid then gives him enough food to battle again. >< but I cant get it an I dunno why, help cause its totally unfair xD

Your friend probably has an Ipad or Iphone. It lets you watch videos on there and not on the computer or other phones. And yeah it is totally unfair.

But he’s using his laptop to play :slightly_frowning_face:

Can we not complain and ask for the same on all devices?

I started playing before him, way before lol and he’s already surpassed my level…

Its disgustingly unfair.

It’s random…i’m using an android phone and i can watch videos for food. each video will give you enough food to fight one battle.

I think you if you watch a lot of videos from tapjoy to get gems, you will not get the video to get food…just a guess though.

on iPhone/iPad the option always appears once your food is gone. The number of videos you get varies and eventually you get ‘NO OFFERS’ but you can try again and the vids will appear. Some videos can be fast forwarded but most are short and can’t be speeded up.