When does best event ever end?

Obviously we never want this magnificent gem of an event to ever end.

But as all things comes to cease to exist so will this magnificent event. But when shall it leave us? 

On FB it says until Monday 10:00 am UTC+2

So i won’t get a friend chest on monday :slightly_frowning_face:

But it was worth it :wink:

Btw. congrats on trial moderator :slight_smile:

Thank you good sir 

You are a scholar and a gentleman!

Trial moderator???

That’s what she said!

I don’t know which event you are talking about, because the worst event is running currently :slightly_frowning_face:

How do you become one?

Well if you are in a top alliance you can sit and pray for someone to buy gems so you get a free uber chest, in a voucher alliance you just sit and pray that it didnt exist :stuck_out_tongue:  

If you mean becoming a moderator then contact our beloved community manager.

Through hours of training I have now obtained the ability to remove asian spammers on the forum!

All the best trial moderator .  U changed ur pic too

Macamus, i’m missing your comment on the new event :lol:

After the best event eva now comes your favourite event eva :wink:

The blacksmith! And i need it, too :slight_smile:  Did you bribe Flare? If so, well done :grinning:

Haha yeah. Really needed this event now. So many duplicate uniques I need to melt.

Flare gif to me event blacksmith! ! Now dancing!!

Amazing to have a heads up now.   Yahoo