When Does Heal Tower Fire?

Does heal tower fire when opponents are near, when its own troops are near, or when it’s own troops are injured?

Would it heal and injured tower if there were no injured troops in the area?

Only if troops/towers/obstacles are injured in Heal Tower range, it starts to release the healing orb.

Thank you.  Now if only we could trust range circles. ?


I can say that all towers range circles are accurate aside Skull Tower, it always throw bombs over the limit of the circle.

According to some tests i did: it shoots half tile more than the range circle you have. So consider that the bombs can reach 2.5m more.

The Heal Tower in the picture (2 times range perked = 3% extra) does not heal the Skull Tower when this one is damaged.

The circle clearly touches the Skull Tower, in fact it goes somewhere through the middle, but apparently it does not qualify for healing yet…

Looks like the circle takes in consideration the towers placement that you see during the battle than the towers placement of the base editor. In fact skull tower in the battle is half moved forward than when you see it in the base from the top. That’s why probably it can’t heal it. So in this case can be that they should fix the placement of the tower of the base like you see it during the combat.

Makes sense, but is confusing during placement. It is also not clear whether the towers/units are in range when they touch the healing circle OR if the towers’ center should be on the circle.

As ranges get bigger on towers, the circles themselves also get fatter (expanding). You can see it best with range perked and boosted bomb towers as they have the highest range.

Would be interesting if they could add a little feature that when you select the heal tower, if some towers/obstacles in its range can be healed is highlighted in pink tower or the obstacle for example so you are 100% sure that will receive an healing orb.

Essentially the range circle doesn’t tell you the range. Same is true on skull towers where the circle reaches a tile but doesn’t fire on troops.

Whether is is bad placement of towers on the map or I inaccurately drawn circles, this is a display flaw that makes path design difficult and needs to be fixed.

For the record, 5 forges (+7.5%) triggers the healing on the skull tower.

For those who like to know, the Heal Tower is able to heal the Firebolt (or Lightning) Tower on the right from a perked range of 6.82 (16 times).


I know that #3 gets healed at 6.74 range (15 forges), but I was wondering if if you really need to forge that much.

For #1 and #2 Flothaboss’s video says it’s 7.00 range (20 forges?).

Can anyone confirm what exact range is needed for those 3 heals?


#3 does not get healed by 15 forges. I tried it with a tower with 16 forges and it didn’t get triggered.

In essence, the distance is perhaps the same for #1 & #3

I just tested it again to confirm and #3 does get healed by a 6.82 ranged (+16) heal tower. I do not have a +15 tower anymore but I did that test back then and it worked.


Looking at the location of the spikes and skull tower, I thought that the spikes would get healed with less range than the skull tower, but that’s not the case.

Ah yes, my mistake, must have tested it with the wrong heal tower…

Another “milestone” for the heal tower range.

When the Heal tower has a range of 6.95 (19 range perks), it is able to heal the spikes at the bottom of the path (thus healing the units there as well).



And after some tests, it heals the spikes as well when placed 1 spot to the left: