When elite barricads become lvl4, how we sopuse to pass with??

Bladstorm too weak at this lvl

Firestorm too weak at this lvl

Even sb too weak for elite barricads lvl 4 lol

I was thinking the same…if you have a base with elite barricades, elite ogres and elite werewolves (as a lot of alliance are starting to have) it is quite impossible to raid it even with scrolls…idk but for sure Flare will release something “elite” for the king and for offensive power not only defensive (but the cannons of course)

May be max Hammer strike? I only have it at level 8 i guess an I rarely used it but may be some one can give max one a try.

You would have to attack them with using elite boosted cannons, elite boosted archers/ arblasters and frosters. This seems to be the thing now for top 10 players

 a level 13 barricade with a level 4 elite boost is something very hard to achieve, whereas max bladestorm/sonic blast or any spell is something very easy to achieve so why should they trump it??


@ bladestorm makes a lot of sense, ive heard many times that frosters are great counter to all monsters and max elite boost cannons/archers are also difficult to obtain (equal to boosted barricade)


my solution: elite boosts for spells



I think just having spells is over powered enough

I don’t think so. Go try raiding someone in your random attack with no spells.



Elite boosts for spells… what does that mean? Hammerstrike now attacks with fire as well as blunt? For instant spells, would the buff (if the buff was fire) continue with its own duration? That is to say, would the buff’s duration match the spell’s duration?

@misterE awesome thoughts but i’d rather leave it to flare

they really impressed me with the combos in the elite boosts so far

im sure they could do they same with some spell elite boosts :grinning:

which is why lvl 4 elite barricade will come together will high cost and tougher condition to unlock

Elite bladestorm

Elite archers die in a couple of seconds and frosters…ok…but they are no “offensive” troops…they are super to slow down, for blockades, werewolves and skull towers but nothing for others and arbs kill them pretty fast. Blade, I see no elite arblasters…they could be really interesting…

There is a video that use elite werewolves in an offensive way…pretty good but too much morale points…


I was thinking something for the king…for example an elite “shield” or something but only for king not for troops…you could activate that only for limit period…for example for only 1 hour max once per day…

A horde of pyros? :grinning:

It appears that we are in a money making arms race (aren’t they all). Offensively and defensively at one time or another we have had spells or structures that are well balanced, a talented strong king could win at a strong base with no scrolls. Now the ground has shifted we have Elite boosts that make it very difficult if not impossible to crack some bases without scrolls, (scrolls that cost money/gems), who really wins, Flare of course. We will I am sure (for a cost) get Elite spells or upgrades to our current spells which will restore the balance … until the next upgrade/update at which point we repeat the above. It is a spiralling situation, the simplicity of the original game has now gone, but I guess that’s progress. In defence of Flare, they are only supplying what people have been asking for in terms of updates. boosts, alliances, etc. The current problem is that they are pricing them out of many players reach and also ensuring everyone that wants to be competitive is in a clan, if not they won’t have the elite boosted defence they need to maintain position.

I don’t think pyromancer or max firestorm can take down barricade as they are also resistance to fire at higher elite level if I’m not mistaken , by 150%


As always , if its overpowered we need to nerf them.But also need to balance that with the cost to activate them , you don’t wanna get a weak barricade for unreasonable price but also don’t want them to be overpowered.It took me one sonic blast and one bladestorm to take down masterE’s first barricade when I tested his base , thats 24 cooldown overall only on barricade which is ridiculous.


Storm cannon helps but it will be a struggle to keep them alive long enough I guess unless you have tons of leadership.Power archer is actually good with two defensive spells (shield and heal) but need further testing , desihero is on it  :grinning:


I think adding some other weakness to barricade would be good , preferably normal damage.


Also , shouldn’t this post be in some other section and not speaker’s corner ? Move to towers and basebuilding is good right ?

maxed Hamerstrike have not enough Power, i tried it.


I agree with you Drum. The arms race has begun with the first day of Aliance. The question you have to ask yourself is, “When noted Flare enough is enough? How long can they still milking the player until he gets out of the game? When is your own limit is reached or exceeded for the game?”.

yes on max elite barricade bases I already tried that combo when I maxed my shield,As barricades weak to blunt,and bladestrom not that effective on them,better use sonic than bladerstrom desi.It also help u with gate.only effective on some particular bases though where hero afford to raid with troops,obviously not on L,1 close and 1 epic fail in the video.Only problem is time,if one ready to use 1 or 2 tw then 100% most bases with this combo.but still elite barricades over-powered.


I didn’t realize quite how powerful those barricades were… hmm… One of my favorite pieces of music in the background though :slight_smile:


Ankit, great video BTW. I use this on L bases too and I use blade storm as in my range (4300 +) I dont encounter all elite barricades. Only few and also people are now upgrading them. So still blockades are there in mix with the barricades. Another main reason is I BS is 5 sec duration compared to SB 3sec and for me that is crucial in running ahead, trying to down some barricade/blocakdes and mainly killing the ranged troops. Since this just opened up for me will be testing other combos too in coming days but finally for me Shield is here to stay. I dont need SB for castle as when I reach gate i have tons of canons with me that are bringing the gate down in under 8 sec. I am trying to make sure every heal and shield are used on troops so I am going slow and using Time Warp. But I believe with practice, I will be going little faster and should reduce the use of timewarp. For a player in 13k health and 85 king level I guess this is a good improvement. You are much higher level king and that might change the balance a bit in favour of SB. Nevertless, I am going to try it again too. Will be updating here, if I think something is more dramatic like this for my results.

In that case I prefer old combo,as with some mix blockades or low barricades,bladestrom still can be effective.It just that all max barricades make bladestrom impotent.


well I’m at level 88 currently. :grinning: