When Flare fix the blacksmith problem,its been 2 months now...

 4min/pearl means 15 pearls/hr but it is taking 12 hrs for 69 pearls means 6 pearls/hr. Are you serious?

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moving this to the bug/technical issue section. Thank you!

Time per pearl depends on blacksmith building plus unlocked slots plus blacksmith boosted or not. Check here, http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Blacksmith

You can bring down time to 20 seconds per pearl if you unlock all slots and max building. During this blacksmith, pearls are converted at 30% less time, so 14 seconds per pearl, but only when you have max blacksmith buildings plus unlocked all slots. A boosted one converts a pearl every 4.66 second.

In your situation you have blacksmith building level 8. So that reduces the time per pearl down to 18 minutes per pearl. You also unlocked 4 slots, reducing the 18 minutes down to 16 minutes or 960 seconds per pearl. During blacksmith you need 30% less time, so 672 seconds or 11 minutes and 12 second per pearl.

If you boost blacksmith it would need 3 minutes and 44 seconds per pearl.

When blacksmith is not boosted it will take indeed more than 12 hours for those 69 pearls. I advice you to boost your blacksmith, so that you gain those pearls faster

3 minutes 58 seconds displayed per pearl is incorrect.

@MiracleMohit It seems your boosted blacksmith remaining time less than it needed to meltdown 69 pearls. If you re-boost your blacksmith again (right after it ended) then your time to meltdown those items will be back to your normal boosted blacksmith time. ?

One time boosted blacksmith last 8 hours and in your current situation, it can meltdown total 121 pearls.



bs3.JPG bs.JPG


Thanks @Dena4 but it is already boosted.

When I boost my BS,boost only valid to my first item only. When my first item melted down then i don’t know boost does not apply to 2nd item but when 8 hr boosted BS time over and i again boost it then again it applies to only 1st item.

Yes you are right @RoyaleDing2,but the problem is that when i boost my BS,time reduction is apply to only my 1st item.

2nd item takes the usual time.

Ok, then flare must do some research.

Have you tried to place items that didn’t exceed 121 pearls (total 1st and 2nd)? Because in your current situation, the max pearls your BS can boost is 121 (when there’s BS event).

Thanks @RoyaleDing2, I will try it.?

My advice is to upgrade your level BS to the max so the time to meltdown items will decrease and you can meltdown more pearls per one time boosted BS than now. However, actually you have no lost when you place more than what your BS can meltdown in it’s boosted mode, the time will adjusting anytime (when boost time ended or when you re-boost your BS again).

If you have gems, invest it on BS slot when there’s discount, you’ll get a lot of benefit from it. Good Luck! ?

ps. With maxed BS level - 8 slot unlocked - boosted - BS event, you can meltdown approx 7200 pearls per 8 hours.

Wow?,7200 pearls per 8 hours.

Thanks for information ?

Increasing your Blacksmith slots is the best gem investment you can do for your account. You should try to max it as soon as possible, all 8 slots.

Worry about skull% and Alliance Tower later.

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