When I button ''Are you sure?''

that took me over 5 month or more to accumulate like 900 gems. Win maybe 15 Platinum League in a row,Gold,Silver,etc… with quest, in defense,in chest,etc… For what? click by mistake 2 time on a add in COF ‘’ You inventory is full’’ and I click 2 times on the green things and lost all my gems in just few click, when is not during a raid when you click on scroll,etc…

1.Flaregames its that so hard for you to add in this game the possibility to remove the stupid scrolls when we don’t use that

2.Flaregames its that so fucking hard to add in this game like all the others game on this planet a small ‘’ Are you sure?’’ and allow us to click no if we have click by mistake

C’mon that take 2 minutes of programming to add that

Can I have a refund of 900 gems please? No? that sucks really

One thing to say to everyone here, take your time when you click on something. Just one bad click and its over



The green button for spending gems is made in that way with that color, so players are more likely to click it, that’s how Flare makes players spend :confused:

And don’t forget the 2 scrolls that you can’t remove from the top on the screen once you chose a second one. I don’t remember how many times I touch a scroll by mistake (when playing on a mobile phone)